Dirty laundry

ACE Group Classic blog

The bibs piled up inside the clear plastic bag. The day was growing long.

With each item of laundry collected by ACE volunteer Thomas Valesky, one more player headed to the clubhouse with his first-round score in the bag.

Those were the bibs of the caddies, the ones Marie Murchison and Dorothy Allard handed out at the first tee box.

"They had a long day and they're tired," said Valesky, as he entered his third hour on the job. "But they're still in good spirits."

Even if they didn't smell so good. Upon handing his bib to Valesky after the round, one caddie told him he'd better wash it before tomorrow.

That job, though, actually belongs to a Quail West employee, who washes them at the club before handing them back to Jim Benson, a vice chairman of the volunteer staff, the following morning.

Then they go back to Murchison and Allard. The process repeats itself, with the bibs redistributed in time for the opening tee shots.

Speaking of processes. Valesky went from the starting point to the finish line in one day -- from the ticket booth to the 18th green.

He spent the morning in admissions, selling tickets at the tournament entrance. A rookie volunteer, he preferred the second part.

"This is much more fun," Valesky said. "I get to watch some golf."

There will be plenty more to see over the next two days. Plenty more to do, too.

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