Marco Island as an outsider

Commuting to Marco

Hello. I am an outsider of Marco Island. I know the normal reaction to that statement is ‘too bad’ or ‘that’s a shame’ but it gives me a unique perspective of the island. It’s that perspective that makes me feel that this blog would be worthwhile to write. The island’s culture, I am told, changes dramatically between on and off season. Right now during the off season the people are the true islanders, the rock’s bread and butter.

One of the massive undertaking of my new job on the island has been to create a database of all the community organizations on the island. I started with churches. I have say the most difficult question that I asked each one was ‘how many members do you have?’

There was a long pause and then the question ‘right now or in January?’ That number often differed by four or five times, which lead to a real problem when I tried to enter the number into the database.

I must admit that I have been delightfully surprised with the island. Once I got over the fact that the cheapest drinks were going to cost me $4 (my last home that price was reserved for a glass of Hennessy), I have found places to go and have fun. Vinny’s, across the street from the office, has some crazy poker three times a week and the beaches are simply amazing. The only problem is every time I go out to take pictures of them it starts pouring down rain. That’s just another thing that I hear changes during season.

The first thing I noticed coming into Marco Island was the view from the Jolley Bridge. “It looks like a scene from Miami,” flair bartender and fellow outsider Chico told me the other day during an interview. Driving the other way however the awe is replaced by fear as you realize there is a cop sitting at the end of bridge waiting for you to pick up speed before the 45 MPH sign.

This blog will be where I discuss my experience here as an outsider to the island. I look forward to exploring it as I am helping to build this brand new Web site that you are seeing. If there is anything that you think I shouldn’t miss or, for that matter, should miss, let me know in the comment section of this blog.

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