Mickey and rites of passage

Commuting to Marco

One of the rites of passages of coming to Florida—at least in my eyes—is going to Disney World. I mean, how can you pass it up? It’s only a few hours down the road. I also have a girlfriend, who is a little too obsessed with Ariel for a 24 year old, who begged me to go.

Because this three day trip was going to be one of the most expensive three days of my college years, I needed to do some research. Immediately I learned that getting a Florida driver’s license is pretty easy. Even better it works for an in-state discount at Disney. After finding my social security card and 20 bucks I went down to the DMV got a Florida license (with my name misspelled) and still get to keep my Pennsylvania one. 50 big ones saved at Disney.

I also found that around the office my co-workers had an uncanny knowledge for the ins-and-out at Disney. I even got fast-passes and the run down as to how to use them before I even saw the park.

I had memories of Space Mountain and Mickey from when I was a kid and I was looking forward to revisiting my childhood cartoon cognizance. When I got there, however, I must admit I was disappointed by the memories. Space Mountain was just a roller coaster that wasn’t quite as dark as I remembered and the lines to get a picture with Mickey were simply ridiculous (not to mention my girlfriend and I would have been the oldest kids giddy for Mickey in those lines).

The things that made the trip were the new experiences. Rockin Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest were amazing. The biggest production of every little thing was simply surreal. Champaign from France while watching the fireworks light up the world showcase in Epcot was also an addition I didn’t get much of chance to do when I was ten either.

Disney is awesome for any age and I am a believer. If I hadn’t had broken the bank for last week’s trip I would probably be back this weekend. But I guess I went through my Florida rite of passage and sadly the piggy bank won’t let me go back for a few years.

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