Eddie Filer Kills Animals, Too

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“It's very sad that humans can't respect the lives of other species. I'm a vegan, and I think that other animals have just as much right to live as I do.” – Eddie Filer

Ignorance is indeed bliss, Eddie. But here’s the cold, hard truth: we all have some role in the killing of animals whether you eat meat or are a vegetarian or a vegan.

Prior to becoming a hunter I at least understood where meat comes from. The farmer raises the cow. The cow goes to the feed lot. The cow is fattened up in the feed lot. The cow is killed. The cow is rendered into family sized portions. The cow becomes cellophane wrapped food in the supermarket. We purchase that food and toss it on the grill. When we enjoy that delicious steak we are indirectly responsible for the death of that cow. We just paid someone else to do the dirty work.

I think that at least once in everyone’s life they should be required to kill, gut, skin, and prepare their own dinner. That would lead to a better understanding of taking an animal’s life for sustenance. We live in a troubling world where so many are detached from reality.

Vegans, like Eddie, assume since they do not personally consume meat, eggs, or dairy products that they do not harm animals. Wrong. When fields are plowed for Eddie’s vegan diet he is killing by association. Every year millions of small animals (rabbits, mice, box turtles, etc.) are squashed or chopped to bits by farm machinery. I visited some websites and learned many vegetarians have never thought about this fact until someone pointed it out to them. So, like it or not, Eddie, there is blood all over your salad.

Likewise, every time we build a road, a house, or a shopping mall something is going to die or get displaced. That makes us all, regardless of diet, responsible.

And how many snakes get killed in our local fields and groves because workers are terrified of even the harmless varieties? Eat a tomato or an orange; you’ve probably helped kill a snake that ate the pests who eat our food.

Most of us humans are omnivores. Like bears, primates, rodents, and a host of other species, we are part time predators and eat a little bit of everything. In reality, very few animals are 100% vegetarian. Some so called herbivores like duiker antelope and muntjac deer will even kill and eat ground nesting birds. Total vegetarianism is actually pretty unnatural unless you’re a deer or a zebra.

If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan because you think it’s a healthy lifestyle, that’s fine. But I have no patience for those who say they choose their diet because it doesn’t harm or kill animals. You’re fooling yourself but not the rest of us.

So what’s the point? We all make choices in our lives but once you make that choice be honest and accountable about it.

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Why did you eliminate the post and all of the comments? Not going the way you wanted?

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