20 games to go

From the dugout

We are now heading into our stretch run of our last 20 games of the regular season. The troops and myself are having probably the most fun all year. We have had to make all kind of adjustments. We have sent sent players up to the Miracle and the next level. Then the injury bug happened. We lost a shortstop to a knee injury, two players with back injuries, a first baseman with a wrist injury, and a pitcher with a shoulder problems.

When you have changes like this, you find out the character of your team. And these guys have come together--playing hard, playing baseball the right way. And just like I tell the younger kids I work with, these boys have smiles all the time right now. Sometimes talent wins, but most the time team chemistry is key.

I know Naples is starting school tomorrow, and I will be home to continue working with everyone down there real soon. I can’t wait. Until then we have 20 games left, and some play-offs to take care of. Win or lose I will always say me and my coaching staff gave it everything we have, and I am very proud of every single kid that has come through here. Hopefully, not only have they became better ball players, better professionals, but also better young men.

See every one soon. Hit those books this first month of school. Get started on the right track.


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