A visit to the Gold Dome

From the dugout

Just an update on how the season is going. We have started our second half now, and we are 6-5 in this half and 41-38 overall. I am very happy with the progress this team has made.

I now head to South Bend to play the Silverhawks for a four-game series. Playing this team is fun for me because the manager of this team is Mark Haley, who you baseball nuts in Naples remember as a baseball teacher just like myself. He used to work with hitters in Naples and we both share a lot of the same ideas. He is a class act, but I know we will both have our game faces on like we did last time.

Hopefully I will be able to take my players on a tour of the Notre Dame University football field. That is the plan. It is starting to get hot up here right now, but trust me I will not complain because I know what it is like down there.

Little league baseball, I know, is in full effect down there and good luck to all of the All-star teams.

I've still only been thrown out one time this year, and hopefully it will stay that way, but as everyone knows you have to protect your players sometime. We have 60 games left, and I am hoping our young guys keep that energy. Our big league team is doing amazing, and I know that pumps up everyone here, too. Well, keep in touch, and let me know how Naples is doing.

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