Beliot Snappers 33-31

From the dugout

Well, we are now four games away from being halfway done with the season. Two games above .500, so we are happy with that. Playing better baseball everyday, and from a fan’s perspective, they have seen these guys grow, mature, and learn the game they love to play.

We had 18 1-run games, and trust me that builds plenty of character; it also lets the guys play a lot more relaxed when the games are tight since they are so used to it. The guys have three days off for the all-star break, and then they'll be right back to the grind.

We play 16 in a row after that. The second half should be a good test since a lot of my players have never played more than 60 games before, and they are in for all 140 games. I will keep everybody updated on how the first half finishes, and how the second half begins. Until then, good luck to all little league all-star teams in our area, and a special thanks to all the coaches who volunteer their time to the kids and the game of baseball. Naples is lucky to have so many good coaches guiding these kids.


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