Flu bug hits the Snappers

From the dugout

Just a little update for everyone to let you know how we are doing. We are currently 15-12 and in second place. We are a half game out of first. I have to say, wow; it is amazing how much these guys have improved in just 30 games. It is fun to see. It has also given me a little chance to relax and settle in. We are still working as hard as ever, but the mental mistakes are happening less and less; being tough early sure pays.

We moved our best pitcher up to the high single-A Twins affiliate Ft. Myers Miracle. That is always a good thing. As much as you want to have a good team, your ultimate goal is still to get these guys to the next level and eventually the big leagues.

One funny thing that has been going on with my team is the flu. Eight guys have had it so far, including me, and this is one of those bad flus. It only lasts 24 hours, but it kicks your butt!!! The scary thing is that it could still go through 15 of the guys.

On a lighter note, Ronna and Cooper are up here and Coop has taken over the stadium. He is the first one there, and the last one to leave. Baseball sure is fun when you see how it lights up a kids face. Remember this (because I sometimes need to).

I want to congratulate Gulf Coast High School, Naples High School, and the Community School on great seasons. And I especially want to wish Barron Collier good luck as they go for the state championship. I have worked with a lot of those kids since a young age, and I am always thinking of them as they try to achieve their goals. Good luck, Teddy P. I hope to see some of you up in this area this summer. Until then, good luck and keep in touch.

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