"Don't hold your breath!"

Finnegan on traditional values

A report that I am sure you did not see, hear, or read in today's "lame street" media, although it carried great importance for those who have traditional values. More on this later.

In San Francisco the "gay" "parade," affirming this life choice, featured men in leather posing as disciples of Jesus at the Last Supper. Whips and sex toys as props, while homosexual men bumped and grinded on each other on their floats simulating oral sex. Active participation in oral sex itself having occured at past Folsom street "fairs." Video's taken of this occuring, while "parade" viewers, including many children, watch.

A reasonable man might ask, why is this necessary to affirm their life choice? An open, "in your face activity as disgusting as this.The answer is One; it is an open and clear attack on the most sacred of Christian and Catholic beliefs, the Last Supper. A stick in the eye for those who do not affirm their activity. Two; in my humble opinion, a misguided, pride driven decision to state we have arrived and you better accept it. Just like one of the favorite sayings of the homosexual activists, "we're here, we're queer, and we are not going away."

I recently spoke to a couple with young children who had taken their children to Disney in Orlando. The luck of the draw had them arrive on "gay" day. Nothing gay about the parents trying to explain to their children what this was all about, why all the strange occurances were happening. No advance notice to any of the families who also may have been unfortunate in their choice of days to visit. Again, notice carefully the location of this in your face activity. Disneyland and Disney World would have to be two of the most children and family friendly locations as possible. If anybody is turning over in his grave, it would have to be Walt Disney.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to read Alan Sears and Craig Osten (Alliance Defense Fund) expose on the well orchestraited homosexual agenda, to force acceptance (the homosexual activists prefer celebration) of their life choice down the throats of Americans whether we like it or not. To say they have been successful in this endeavor would be an understatement. As long as Americans stay silent, activists will succeed in making their life choice for the first time, an accepted open part of our society.

This acceptance as outlined so well in their book covers the media, the entertainment field, our educational system from kindergarden to our Universities, Churchs, Strong arming corporate America (see Home Depot, Pepsi, Office Max etc) and finally the end of TOLERANCE for those who strongly believe 2000 years of traditional marriage has served our nation well, and do not feel a change will benefit families, children, and country. Yes, some marriages fail, but that is the exception to the rule. Hard cases do not make for good law.

The Sears and Osten book is a quick and powerful read. Warning, you will see how successful he radical part of the homosexual community has been with their well planned and executed agenda. The book can be ordered through Illinois Family Institute PO Box 88848 Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. The donation to IFI is $20. Your eyes will be opened to the aggressive agenda of those who will not stop before open acceptance of a life choice that medical results from the Center of Disease Control show to be dangerous and disease prone. HIV AIDS and Hepatitis, some of the most serious and deadly.

In New York candidate for Governor Carl Paladino had it correct when he said, "I chose not to attend the NY "gay parade," as that is not the example I wish to show our children." He also commented, "I oppose the homosexual agenda whether they call it marriage, or civil unions." (now being pushed in Illinois) "Marriage is between a man and a woman, PERIOD. " No matter your opinion about Paladino as a candidate, one has to admire his moral courage for openly speaking out.

The rush to political correctness has become staggering. The NY Times, and most of the other left leaning media try to connect any possible occurance as a "hate crime." An especially sad example, the story of a roomate video taping his roomates homosexual encounter and making it public. If a heterosexual encounter had occured and been video taped, and then released, resulting in the same suicide, you can be sure the equally wrong viewing would not be called a hate crime.

Believing in Traditional Marriage, and the Sanctity of Life in todays world lights up the "tolerance" of those who disagree.Its getting a little old to hear the same voices who ask for tolerance for their activity, to themselves begin the the tired old homophobe, bigot, religious zealot charges. As mentioned in the past, I consider them for what they are, pathetic attacks on my rights to speak my beliefs. I wear them as a badge of honor.

Today, we end on a good note. Some of us know that in Iowa, good ole Midwest corn growing Iowa, that the media has inundated us with the report that "Iowa" (not its people) has accepted the right for lesbians and homosexuals to marry. Anybody with half a brain knows this could never be the will of the people in Iowa. The proof is in the pudding, when we see that when homosexual "marriage" was put on the ballot in 31 states, it has been soundly defeated in all 31. The people have spoken through the ballot box in the democratic, and constitutionally way.

Recently the people in Iowa were finally given the opportunity to be heard on this issue. If lucky, and if you looked hard enough, probably on page 28 between the car sales ads, and the obituaries, you may have found a one inch column pointing out that the people in Iowa indeed did not want marriage to include homosexuals. In a "throw out the bums" move, for the first time in any state, three Supreme Court Justices who imposed same sex "marriage" on the Hawkeye state were sent packing. To quote the Des Moines Register, "this was a historic upset, when the three Justices were "outed" and sent packing. "No Iowa Justice had ever failed to retain their seat on the bench since the retention system was adopted in Iown in 1962." One more Justice set to run in 2012, and three others in 2016. Want to take a bet that the good people of Iowa won't forget these four misguided Justices when their time is up.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, when people have the moral courage to speak out. Now if we can just read it on the front page where it belongs. Don't hold your breath for a fair and balanced shake from he media on the social issues. It ain't gonna happen. Count on the electronic media to do that for you. Most of all, don't quit fighting the good fight. Our children are counting on it.

Peace, and Gods blessings

Jim Finnegan

"The only assurance of our Nations safety, is to lay our foundation in morality and religion."

Abraham Lincoln.

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