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Finnegan on traditional values


Studies show that the average homosexual has between 20-106 sexual partners per year. The average heterosexual has 8 partners in a lifetime.

Corey and Holmes, "Sexual transmission of Hepatitis A in homosexual men."
New England J. Med. 1980 pp 435-438.

Homosexual activity was removed from the list of mental illness in the 70's by homosexual activists storming the annual American Psychiatric Conference on successive years.

Bayer, R. Homosexuality and American Psychiatry.

Once homosexuality was removed, so was pedophilia (except when the adult feels "subjective distress."

U.S. Congressional Record, June 29th, 1989.

43% of Homosexuals report admiting to 500 partners in a lifetime. 79% say half are total strangers, or "one night stands." See film "The Castro" in which one homosexual admits "one minute stands."

Bell and Weinberg A study of diversity among men and women . New York: Simon and Shuster 1978.

78% of homosexuals are affected by Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Rueda, E. "The Homosexual Network." Old Greenwith Conn. The Devin Adair Company, 1982, pg 53

It takes approximately $300,000 to take care of each aids victim. Thanks to the promiscuous life choices of homosexuals, Medical insurance rates have sky rocketed for all of us.

Kaifitz, J. "Homosexual Rights are concern for some." Post Tribune, 18th December 1992.

Homosexuals were responsible for spreading HIV Aids in the U.S. and then raised up militant groups like "Act Up" ( They went to Saint Patricks Cathedral in New York City to receive consecrated host's only to throw them on the floor in protest) to complain about the lack of funds allocated towards this homosexual disease.

Homosexuals account for well over 50% of all HIV AIDS cases in the U.S. while making up approximately 2% of the population. We pay for these charges at a time when health care is almost broke. Can you imagine if changes had not made in the smoking/cancer choice what we would be hearing today!

Homosexuals account for a disproportionate number of Hepatitis cases: 70-80% in San Francisco, 66% in New York.

Only 9% of homosexuals live past age 65. The median age of death for a married heterosexuals now at 75. (I am one up on this one)

Fields, Dr. E. "Is homosexual activity normal?" Marietta GA.

Half of the calls to a hot line to report "Queer bashing" involve domestic violence.

Newsweek, October 4th, 1993.

33% of homosexuals admit to minor/adult sex. Compare that to the accurate figures (one is too much) of 4% of Priests, out of 400,000 in total involved in this hideous crime against God and nature. The odious North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) group of child abusers "battle cry" is "sex by eight, before it is too late."

Family Research Institute Lincoln, NE.

Part of the homosexual agenda "is to turn people from Christianity." To denounce the Christian religion.

Advocate, 1985

Homosexual Columnist Daniel Villarreal is quoted as follows: " We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality, our very future demends on it." Villarreal also wrote. "I and a lot of other people want to indoctrinate, recruit, teach, ahnd expose children to queer sexuality, AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT."

After looking at but a few windows to the homosexual lifestyle, are we insane to argue to expand it to be included within 6000 years of traditional and Sacramental marriage? The strength of our country is the nuclear family; father and mother and the children they give us. Gods given way of continuing HIS people from generation to generation.

Tolerance must assure that our religious beliefs remain free and unencumbered. The Supreme Law of our land remains our U.S. Constitution. This freedom of religious speech is guranteed within, under the FIRST, FOURTH, and FOURTEENTH Amendments. We must stand up and protect these rights from those who would deny them. Its up to you and me.


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