The Truth, and nothing but the Truth, about the homosexual life choice.

Finnegan on traditional values

First of all, if you have come to my blog, you by its name alone, realize that it is all about traditional values, not secular relativism. It will never concern itself with Finnegan winning any popularity contests. It will present orthodox teachings regarding the truths that the majority of the followers of the teaching of Christ believe in. In this entry we will speak to the health of the choice of the homosexual life style.

From the start, let me say that thousands who have chosen this life have successfully left it. No gene has ever been found that presupposes one being a homosexual. PFOX (Parents and Friends of X homosexuals) is an organization that in a loving manner supports and aids the change. PFOX is a is one of the organizations that the homosexual activists viciously attack and try to silence. After these remarks, let us take a look at what research has taught us about this choice, and in particular if it is a good one for children, family, and country. Most important, for those who have made the choice for themselves.

When one engages in risky behavior (whether heterosexual or homosexual) they should be aware of what the consequences can be. You can be certain that the media, our government under the present President, or the union controlled school system, are not going to reveal the following facts regarding the life, activism and health concerns of the homosexual choice. All the information, facts and figures, are referenced by URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and Catholic Apologetics International.

Are you aware studies show the average homosexual has 20-106 partners per year. By heterosexual comparison, these are "Wilt Chamberlain" figures.

That 70% of these sexual contacts are with total strangers. This, as admited from a homosexual in the film "The Castro." What we refer to as "One night stands." Studies by Dr. E. Fields showed 41% of homosexuals say they have sex with strangers in public restrooms, and 60% with total strangers in gay bathhouses. If this was happening within the heterosexual community, it would be front page news as it should be.

Sadly for our homosexual brothers, their activity brings upon them 60% of all syphillis cases, and the more than sad fact that 78% of homosexuals are affected by STD's (sexual transmitted disease) Seventeen percent of all hospital admissions are related to STD's, with a disproportionate number of Hepatitis cases. Studies by city showed 70-80 % San Francisco, 29% Denver, 66% New York, 56% Toronto. One must ballance this against the fact that studies continue to show the homosexual community totals 2% or less of our population.

Did you know that studies show that the median age for death within the homosexual community is 42 years old. About 10% live past 65. This drops to 39% if the cause of death is HIV AIDS. The life length of heterosexual men today is 75. Not a good statistic in any one's thinking.

Did you know that it costs $300,000 to take care of each HIV AIDS victim. Certainly as one who early in the cause did contribute to ending this scourge. Over 50% of the aids cases in the U.S. come from man on man sex. We were able to tie smoking as the major cause of lung cancer, kand those who stopped smoking was significant. One would hope and pray that this would also be a leading reason to curtail activities leading to the AID's epidemic.

Did you know that in the early 70's homosexual activists fought successfully to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders by storming the annual American Psychological Association on successive years, while at the same time today they are lobbying to lower the age of consent regarding sexual activity to 14 in some communities.

Did you know that there is an activist pedophelia homosexual group NAMBLA (North American man boy love association.) NAMBLA in turn are attempting to lower the age of consent to avoid child molestation charges.

Studies show that 75 % of all homosexuals have had sex with boys under 19 years of age. Many homosexuals admit they are pedophiles. Psychological Reports (1986, 58 pp 327-37) show that one third of all reported child molestations in the U.S. are committed by homosexuals.

Sadly, this was the case when young men of the wrong persuasion were admitted to the Semanaries of my Catholic Church in the 60's and 70's. With over 4000 Catholic Priests, the 2% who did these evil deeds, are far below the reported figures for other groups.

Did you realize that the real goal of the activist homosexual community is to force ACCEPTANCE, not the tolerance that they most certainly deserve, on American society. Their articulated position is to desensitize the public to view homosexuality with indifference. A big part of their agenda is to turn us from Christianity. To fatally wound the Christian Churchs, especially the Catholic Church, is at the top of their stated effort in oreder to normalize their life choice.

The "10% figure" (the homosexual claim that they make up 10% of our population) is important in getting this done. Tom Stoddard, (formerly of the LAMBA legal defense fund) was quoted saying "we used that figure to try and create an impression of our numbers." Once again a "end justifies the means (any means) effort to accomplish the desired results.

One can see where this leads. The mind boggling destruction of God given Sacramental Marriage. Marriage, the back bone of our families for over 2000 years, as well as our very country.

The homosexualizing of our military with little regard to where this will lead America. The teaching of the homosexual lifestyle to our youth as young as 6-8 years old, under health care classes filled with so called sex education. The silencing of our Churchs and individual Christian voices within the public square who strongly disagree with the appropriateness of the homosexual choice. The bullying of families and business owners, who while standing for equal rights for all, do not accept having to violate their most sacred beliefs and teachings.

Tolerance and equal rights ABSOLUTELY, forced acceptance for SPECIAL rights and all the baggage that comes with it. NO.

As mentioned earlier, documentation of all information referred to within my blog entry has come from 29 references, and are available for the asking.

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