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Focus on the Classroom by Rosanne Winter

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To inform the public concerning critical issues facing public education, and in particular the Collier County Public Schools, and to generate citizen discussion of same.


About Rosanne L. Winter, Ph. D.:

■ Ph.D. in Educational Leadership with a minor in Psychology

■ Nine years of experience as a high school principal, including seven in Fairfax County, Virginia, one of the best school districts in the nation, and two at Naples High School in Collier County, Florida

■ Four years of experience at the district level as the Director of Instructional Technology for Fairfax County Public Schools

■ Eight years as a high school assistant principal and dean of students in California and Virginia

■ Served as an adjunct university professor at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, George Mason University and the University of Virginia, in all cases teaching future public school administrators via face-to-face sessions as well as the Blackboard environment

■ Developed and conducted staff-development activities in the areas of school-based administration, learning communities, performance-based assessment for improved student achievement, teaching reading at the secondary level, curriculum reform, technology planning, turning student data into information for instructional improvement, and a variety of other topics related to the improvement of instruction and student learning

■ Collaborated with teachers, parents, students, engaged citizens and central administrators to move Naples (FL) High School from a state grade of “D” to “B” in one school year

■ As Director of Instructional Technology, developed Fairfax County’s online high school and implemented the county’s instructional management system

■ Served as a consultant, then vice president for a three-state, K-12 online school system.