PSA: Collier County Legislative Delegation Meeting - This Thursday

He is That Guy

What most families talk about today doesn’t involve wetsuits, shopping sprees and grand vacations in the Turks and Caicos. It revolves around keeping fuel in their car, food on the table and limited utilities. These same families also have conversations on how to pay for the medical bills and provide a certain quality of life for those that they love.

Shortly after the inauguration of Rick Scott, the GOP-controlled state legislature has whittled away at the security, privacy and rights of the Floridians that elected them to office. If you happen to be a minority, woman, public employee, student or even elderly - than you have been affected by Florida’s big-government Republicans.

Come Thursday, you’ll need some token of appreciation to give “the man”. And it has been my experience that nothing, and I mean nothing, says “filial duty” like delivering a clear message of contempt to those that we have endeared and endorsed to such high seats of power. Collier County’s legislative delegation will be meeting this Thursday at the Rookery Bay Auditorium, from 6:00pm-8:00pm.

We were promised a smaller government that would have protected our states constitution by a scandal-ridden former corporate executive. We were promised lower taxes by a chorus of Republicans on the ballot. Above all, we were promised that Florida would be a better place to live because our elected officials would be focusing on job creation and innovation.

Those serving in Tallahassee haven’t delivered on their promises, and it is because of their arrogance to the citizens that they represent, Floridians are still hurting. This Thursday is the perfect way to introduce our elected officials to the real world of kitchen table discussions and hard decisions.

What you need to know:

Post Session Collier County State Legislative Delegation Town Hall Meeting
DATE: Thursday, June 23, 2011
TIME: 6:00PM to 8:00PM
PLACE: Rookery Bay Auditorium, 300 Tower Road, Naples, FL 34113

Senator Garrett Richter, District 37
Senator Larcenia Bullard, District 39

Representative Trudi Williams, District 75
Representative Kathleen Passidomo, District 76
Representative Denise Grimsley, District 77
Representative Matt Hudson, District 101
Representative Jeanette Nuñez, District 112

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