The Rick Scott Effect: Obama’s Approval Rating Skyrockets In Florida

He is That Guy

A new Quinnipiac poll released today found that in one month President Obama’s approval rating in Florida has gone from 44% to 51%.

According to the Quinnipiac University poll, President Obama has experienced a net 16 point swing in Florida. The President went from having a net negative approval rating of 44%-52% in April to having a positive 51%-43% job approval rating in May.

Obama has made up most of his ground with Independents, who swung a net 18 points in his direction. The president’s job approval rating with the state’s Independents has gone from 39%-55% in April to 47%-45% today. Obama also gained a net 12 points in Democratic approval from 79%-16% in April to 86%-11% today. Obama experienced a huge swing with men in the state. He has gained a net 22 points. The president has gone from a 19 point negative split in April, 39%-58% to 47%-45% today.

By a margin of 50%-44% voters say Obama deserves a second term. Last month, by a margin of 51%-42% voters said that he did not deserve to be reelected.

Obviously the big change since April was the killing of Bin Laden, but Americans have notoriously short memories and that event took place weeks before this poll was conducted. Something interesting happens when Gov. Rick Scott’s approval numbers from the same poll are compared with Obama’s. As Obama was gaining a net 18 point in the state, Gov. Scott was losing 16 points.

Scott’s approval rating has fallen to a Palin like 29%. His disapproval rating (54%) almost mirrors Obama’s new approval rating (51%). Scott’s disapproval ratings with Independents and men are each over 50%. Rick Scott came into office as an unpopular governor, and his numbers continue to only trend downward.

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