Hate Government? Hate Taxes? Then Move to Somalia

He is That Guy

Americans were never opposed to always progressing forward in rebuilding our schools or updating our infrastructure because we knew that a major capital investment must continually be maintained. This is true, because like any major initial investment, we know that for it to be useful by future generations, it must evolve with the ever-changing needs. The good that government provides, be it at the state level or federally, has been clearly demigoded by a clear minority of the modern conservative movement. This same movement who clearly states that they no longer want to have a government that works for them, and no longer want to maintain such major investments have successfully positioned themselves as obstructionists to a President that is trying to work for the supermajority of Americans.

These people have pledged their allegiance to such values and principles which do nothing for the American marketplace; it only pays lipservice to the ego’s and tears of the Glenn Becks’, and John Boehner’s in today’s society. If it were up to these “Commentary Patriots,” these united states that make up America would resemble that of Somilian governments with 17th century French economics. (and yet these are the same people who hate all things French.) Such arrogance from this minority of vocal politico’s doesn’t sit well with main-street Americans.

America, with all of her flaws, is still a beacon of hope to all those that seek her freedom and liberty. We know that there are times when we are fifty states with specific needs; and there are times when we are one country, and have national concerns. Currently, some in today’s national debates think that states should be able to govern from wall-to-wall, and that is an opinion which they are entitled to, unless they are still against entitlements.

But we cannot escape the fact that as a nation, our education is failing, bridges are being closed since they are deteriorating, transportation and energy issues are continually arising. We must be willing to meet these critical national needs with national solutions.

We beat the Russians by putting a man on the Moon through a national investment in research and education. Stemming from the international space race came satellite tv, home blood pressure kits, better brakes on all vehicles, cordless vacuums, safer runways for planes to land and take off on, green living ideas , the potential to preserve priceless art, cordless tools and numerous other innovations that we use on a daily basis.

Florida, to date, has over 300 bridges that are considered to be “structurally deficient,” and in need of repair; nationally, there are over 77,000 of these same bridges in need of such repairs. And while the Florida Department of Transportation has made great strides at widening major arteries, fixing existing bridges and roads and system preservation's is not prioritized at all.

Approximately 10 percent of the total amount requested is allocated to a mere 14 bridge and highway rehabilitation and resurfacing projects. According to the State Highway Administration, Florida only has 129 structurally deficient highway bridges that are receiving federal-aid.

These investments into our country, be it from the immediate impact of a repairing a bridge or the results stemming from NASA, would have not have occurred if such tax dollars were not collected and spent by our government. These are middle-class jobs that have moved America forward. However, this vocal minority continues to debate on lowering taxes, cutting regulation and defunding programs in order to “better America.”

The things we choose to care about.

We need to have a national reinvestment program to repair our failing infrastructure. We need to have a Department of Education that promotes Science, English, the Arts and Mathematics while adapting to new technology and research methods. We need to shift our focus on what maked our country great, and continue that legacy.

America is strong because we are a country that knowingly invests in itself. We need to make a statement that American Exceptionalism, to this day, lives on. We need to do so, now.

After waiting over nine months for House GOP members to produce a jobs plan, President Obama sent to the hill his administrations plan to re-energize the American economy. The American Jobs Act will help small businesses hire and grow by freeing up regulations and cutting taxes on the working class. This bill will put Americans back to work, allows for training for those that want to transition to a new job, cuts taxes where they need to be cut, and it is fully paid for by closing tax loop-holes. This bill says that our President believes in our country and the Americans that want to work.

Congressional Republicans have made it clear that the only job that they care about is that of Barack Obama’s. And this is what is wrong with America.

Let’s see what Congressional Republicans come up with.

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