An Open Letter to Moral Majority GOP Presidential Candidates

He is That Guy

Restraint works for some people.

But not for the GOP Presidential hopefuls—especially when it comes to Santorum, Perry, and ‘The Newt.’ These three are on an all-out attack on Mitt Romney, and his like of firing Americans… or what does the Republican Party front-runner call it? Implementing free market enterprises? Gotcha.

As someone who cannot vote in Florida’s GOP Presidential primary, I am thankful that I don’t have to make a choice of who I should nominate in my want to implement the devastating GWB-era economic policies. And as I am with sin, I however am granted the most awesome of opportunities to cast stones at those who want to represent the so-called ‘moral majority.’

And is it that exact term that I take issue at-most with their campaigns when these men are pronouncing how devout they are to their Lord and Savior, yet want to put these United States on a path to declare war in other countries; that don’t want to see same sex couples get married, however turn a blind eye to the rising rate of divorces; and that spout their ever-hating racism remarks towards Muslim’s while pontificating patriotism as they are wrapped in your China-made Gadsden flag.

Clearly no one has ever accused these candidates of being over-committed to ideological consistency.

But it begs the question of why Perry, Santorum and “The Newt” are vying for the moral-majority’s vote when they want to send our nations children off to war, spend money on destruction, discriminate on the basis of sexual identity, and that of one’s’ race. In all honesty, you should be ashamed; but we know that you are just doing this to motivate your un-educated base because if they actually knew that your ideas will make them poorer than they are now, they would never vote for you. However, the moral majority that I have subscribed to has been altered slightly throughout different forms of Christianity, but has spoken to the premise of not committing murder, adultery, stealing and lying, while at the same time honoring your elders.

The Senator that I supported in 2008 has been taking extra-ordinary strides in reducing the number of troops we have on foreign soil, ensuring their safety and security as they return home.

As a President, he has led the fight to end the discriminatory policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell within the military. And while we still have the Defense of Marriage Act enrolled federally, a Congress that is focused on civil rights and not divisive practices can easily overturn this archaic law.

Barack Obama has done more to hold up what our founding-fathers envisioned that America is a melting pot where all are welcomed with open arms and high ambitions to better themselves in this country that we proudly call home.

If you are in need of proof as to what our President is fighting for, just look towards what these vocal Republican candidates are fighting against.

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