39 Hours, and counting

He is That Guy

Over the course of the past four weeks, Florida has been in election day mode, and we as good God-fearing Americans are turning out to vote en-mass. Some have voted early, and others by mail; but at the end of Tuesday, we shall find out who will be representing us.

It is however a scary proposition to only see one Mitt Romney on my sample ballot. I mean to say, we have seen soo many different Romney's presented since he first decided to run for office. So Naples, I am confused. I am confused as to which Mitt is actually on the ballot.

There was the 'nearly-as-liberal-as-Ted Kennedy' Mitt Romney when he was running for the US Senate; the newly self-proclaimed 'severely conservative' Mitt Romney of the 2011 presidential primary's; the re-introduced 'Moderate Mitt' post Republican National Convention, and with that, I firmly believe that even Mitt Romney doesn't even know which version of him is listed on the ballot.

But I do know which version of Barack Obama is on the ballot all across this nation and I am but one of many proud American's who is supporting his re-election bid.

-Our President fought to keep Michigan's Big-3 alive. And won.
-Our President ended the war in Iraq and ordered special forces to storm a compound and eliminate Osama bin Laden.
-Our President has fought for, and won, increased benefits for our nations veterans.
-Our President has fought for, and signed, an expansion on hate crime protections.
-And, our President has been the leader of a nation that has rebuilt it's economy, added over 4.5million jobs and is moving forward to rebuilding America's middle class.

We are a nation that was created by the people, for the people. On November 6th, we have a clear choice. As a Lutheran, my decision was simple one at that; Barack Obama is receiving my vote because he is a man I can trust and a man I believe in.

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