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Nina Mold

In his Sunday guest commentary, Ernest Sittenfeld states that “If the 10 (or 8 or 12) million illegal immigrants in the country were tall, blue-eyed, blond Swedes or Norwegians, we wouldn’t be discussing any immigration problems”.
How completely absurd.
The issues regarding illegal immigrants are not based on the color of their skin, but the problems that they are creating by not abiding by the laws of the land.
I do not accept for one minute that a Swede who commits a crime in America will be treated any more leniently by the authorities than, say, a Haitian. To suggest that the American people would happily accept millions of white people entering the country illegally, driving illegally, producing children in order to gain citizenship, demanding rights to which they are not entitled, refusing to learn English, etc., etc., is beyond ludicrous.
The problem Americans have with illegal aliens is not who they are but what they are doing. People of any race, who go to another county and colonize entire towns, impose their culture and metaphorically spit in the face of the host population, are going to encounter powerful opposition.
I am British and can personally attest to what happens when successive governments are paralyzed by fear of being thought racist. Owners of large companies are forced to employ a percentage of ethnic minorities, but ethnic employers may hire whomever they please. The religious beliefs of the newcomers must be rigorously and openly respected, while the heritage and culture of the natives is trampled into destruction. Allowances must be made, the host country must adapt, educators must embrace change, no criticisms will be tolerated. On and on it goes.
The vast majority of immigrants in the United Kingdom are from Pakistan. Mosques have sprung up in every town and city. Churches are being turned into Indian restaurants. Entire towns have become no-go areas for non-Muslims. There is rioting, but it is not about race; it is about loss. Loss of what has been loved and respected for countless generations, loss of history, loss of pride, loss of home.
The fear and sadness of the British people is heartbreaking. They have lost their country and they are fully aware that, in the near future, they will be the minority in their own land. They have been rendered helpless by their own political leaders.
The most important thing to remember is that what has happened in Britain, and much of the rest of Europe, has not happened because the immigrants have brown skin. It has happened because the immigrants have been aided and abetted by government in systematically destroying what took thousands of years to build. A once proud nation has been overtaken, it’s people forced to sit quietly and watch, lest the world should perceive it as racist. It is not racist to try to protect what is yours from any interloper.
Had millions of white foreigners invaded Europe, imposed a new language, a new culture, a new set of values and a new religion whilst refusing to integrate into society, all the while openly dismissing the feelings and opinions of the native people, you can bet your life the reaction would have been the same.
So please, let’s see the situation for what it really is. Skin color is no longer an issue in the United States. America has black war heroes, black Olympic champions, black movie stars, black captains of industry and, of course, a black president. Color is, thankfully, no longer a bar to success, and America cheerfully celebrates her diversity.
It is absolutely wrong for anyone to call Americans racist. However, it is absolutely right for all Americans to stand up and fight to save their country before it becomes another Europe. Stop enabling anyone who tries to trample on your country! Insist that those who come here adapt to your culture or return to their own. It’s still not too late, but apathy is the enemy.
I am in America legally. I own a small business and I employ American citizens, yet I have no path to permanent residence (green card) and can, therefore, never become a citizen. E2 visa holders like me (and we come in all colors) contribute to the economy, respect the law, speak English and have integrated into society. Where is the outrage by people like Ernest Sittenfeld for us? He says America is punishing the victims. In reality, America is enabling illegal immigration while at the same time discouraging those who would actually contribute, by not letting them stay permanently.
Illegal immigrants do not need Ernest Sittenfield in their corner. There are literally thousands of organizations across America dedicated to ensuring that they get their ’rights’. The people who really need advocacy are those of us who have tried to live in America the “right” way. That is to say, legally.

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