Targeting Toothy Critters

Tales from the Kayak Fisherwoman

I had the opportunity to spend a week kayak fishing with my boyfriend in the lower Keys. It was the first time I've been there and had no idea just what I would encounter.

I knew that bonefish would be a long shot with my limited expertise and knowledge of Keys flats fishing so I concentrated on something a little more feasible, sharks and barracuda, perfect species to target for a Keys newbie and easily spotted from a kayak.

Pound for pound, they're a good time on light tackle and give you quite a fight. It's really a no brainer when it comes to having success catching these guys.

They'll pretty much hit topwaters all day; there's just no substitute for the way they aggressively go after them.

Use lures you don't care anything about because they will get torn up good!

I probably had a more entertaining time watching my boyfriend wrestle with the sharks and cuda from his canoe.

He's been living in the Keys now for the past couple of months and caught the flats fishing bug right off the bat; much like myself when I first moved down here.

I had to finally put an end to all the crazy fishing tales he'd tell me over the phone about mixing it up with toothy critters from his canoe.

I finally witnessed for myself what all the excitement is all about! If you want nonstop rod bending action, whether it's from a canoe or kayak, strap 'er on and head down to the Keys for an entertaining time. Yakatulater!

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