Forever Hooked

Tales from the Kayak Fisherwoman

Wedging my Tarpon 120 kayak in close proximity to a choice mangrove, I flipped out my jerkbait ready to entice what lies under the shadowy dark waters. Within minutes I feel a snap on the rod.

I finesse the line until the redfish winds its way to the edge of my kayak. I thank him for an exciting fight and release the 22" red.

Basking in the thrill of my first catch of the day, jet skis round the cove, breaking the bite and solitude. I'm anxious to move on to new water and catch the bite again hoping for a snook this time.

I work another mangrove shoreline in Estero Bay when I nail a snook on the same trusty jerkbait. Caught up in the excitement of the tugging line, I lean a little too far over and take a swim over the side of my kayak.

Not the first time this happened as I have gotten adept at retrieving my catch and gear from the drink. I chalk another reel up to the watery depths and move on in my pursuit of more rod bending action.

After making my last few casts of the day while sharing a shoreline with an osprey that is perching high atop a mangrove overhead, my line is grabbed and starts peeling out while my reel is screaming. I could tell it was another quality snook. My catch might have been intercepted by my feathered friend up above but he had flown off earlier.

Tight lines and screaming reels everyone! Yakatulater!

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