All Quiet On The Germain Front

Live from Germain Arena

The latest head count just exceeded the 5,000-mark (5,020), but you wouldn't know it based on the sounds -- or lack thereof. Most of the people are either asleep or carrying on quiet conversations, and you could almost hear a pin drop.

Outside, the rain is coming down a little harder, the winds are whipping up just a bit and the humidity is suffocating. Yet a few brave souls still felt compelled to light up a smoke in an act of defiance aimed at Wilma.

Earlier in the evening, there was a bit of a ruckus involving a women who thought she had lost her husband and became frantic. He had dropped her off at the entrance to the lobby and went to park the car. When she hadn't seen him for 45 minutes the wife went into a panic because her husband had a heart condition, but the story ended happily when the couple was reunited. He had come back inside and simply passed his beloved on the concourse, and then the two kept missing each other.

In another bizarre incident, EMT's were called into one of the restrooms and brought a stretcher and their medical gear to treat an open wound. As it turned out, the man had cut himself on the hand on purpose. He was treated without incident.

As I am signing off for the night, with the clock reading 2:50 a.m. and Wilma just about three hours away from making landfall, I can hear the rain pounding the outside of the building, which was built to withstand a Category 4 hurricane.

Now all we can do is sit and wait -- for what we still don't know. But this sure doesn't look like a place supposedly planning to host a hockey game five days from now.

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