what better way to say happy birthday america; here is your economic and energy plan for success.

Making America Competitive in a Global Economy

I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July Holiday and safe weekend. As we celebrate our Nation’s birthday, I want to remind all working and middle class citizens we still have 14 million Americans without a job and that it is your right to fight for the job programs; even though the political party in power in the House of Representatives will never propose one the next Congress will get your message loud and clear come election day 2012. You are the backbone and reason our country is so strong in the first place. Jobs will be very abundant once we start our infrastructure modernization. Here are four reasons: (1) It shall make our nation strong and vibrant; able to compete against any other emerging economy in Asia, South America and Europe. (2) It is a right for the working and middle class to band together in associations and unions to promote the welfare of our great country and its citizen’s economic well being (just as it is a right for private business to lobby for its rights). (3) It is our obligation to promote safe work places and ensure that every mother and father who goes to work today comes home safely this evening and finally, (4) We have the responsibility to change our energy systems in the 21st century to sustainable clean solar, wind and geothermal for the health of our children, the health of our national treasures and our environment. If certain leaders of the very wealthiest and multinational corporations need to develop and produce their remaining reserves of fossil fuels for their shareholders bottom line that is no reason to not do what is right for the majority and environment; if we do not, we have negated our civil responsibilities to the protection and welfare of our countries future.

The party that was elected to create the jobs to move us out of our recession in 2010 have not proposed one job stimulating proposal unless we still believe the tax cuts of the Bush era are a viable economic policy; when that very same party had control of the Executive, Senate and House of Representatives it is a economic fact that we never saw such a diminished creation in American Jobs during the 2001-2006 legislative sessions. But all I hear from them is to create even more of the same tax breaks for the very wealthiest, and get this, the companies that make the most earnings and profits just like last year when the oil and ethanol industry receive billions of dollars in government handouts while 1 in 7 elderly people go to bed each night hungry. The new term coming out of Washington is “Food Insecure”.

The party of business also believes that the only way we can balance our budget is by cutting all the social welfare, Social Security, Medicare, food subsidy, and educational program we can. Heck, if you remind them of the 124% debt to GDP we had after WW II and how we paid that off in less than ten years while not cutting one social program that helped make sure the elderly did not starve or freeze to death with the Social Security Program, or the G.I. Bill, that actually the children, of those recipients are now selfishly forgetting that without those programs their parents would not have been able to make successful working careers a reality, which gave them a good head start to their own schooling and careers of choice. Or the same Tea Party members who when working in government jobs were able to have the protection and voice in their collective bargaining for salaries, retirement benefits and working conditions.

Oh yes indeed this is a Happy 4th of July for those 2-10%, that control up to 90 percent of the wealth in America, who have forgotten that they were recipients as well of a lot of those programs. But we will not be able to modernize our infrastructure this coming year or at least fund and invest the amount of dollars truly needed when corporations no longer have to worry about our countries infrastructure. No indeed not, they have those emerging markets in Asia, South America and Europe where their shareholders dollars are invested and that seems to be where their loyalty lies. I can only wonder how the Tea Party can be so selfish and actually unable to allow the next generations to benefit from the same programs as well.

I know it is very scary to see such a large amount of debt accumulated and with the political discourse we hear every day, it doesn’t seem like we have a clue on how to tackle the economic issues facing us. But we do have the past to reflect and to copy similar programs to overcome this predicament. We need to focus on JOBS! The way we focus on jobs when the real estate sector is at 17-20 percent of what it was four years ago, or when corporations take jobs and whole industries off shore to these cheaper labor economies, when private business is sitting on up to $2 trillion dollars in cash, and Wall Street, yes the same bankers your tax dollars had to bail out at the end of the Bush administration are holding out with $1.2 trillion dollars themselves. All we need to support is those government leaders and politicians that want to create the investment opportunities to modernize the infrastructure and energy industry.

We did it during the 1946-1960, periods and it was very successful. The working class, who became our middle class- studied hard, had vocational programs and college education opportunities to develop the skills to be the mightiest economy on earth. Today all we hear about is the innovations and new modern infrastructure and energy ingenuity being built in China, India and Brazil. I guess if I was a member of the Tea Party that would wound my pride, but instead of taking it out on those politicians that actually represent the working and middle class; they have decided that they must keep what they have benefited from and to heck with furthering the growth of our future American generations. Is it because the future tells us we will be a country of color in 80 years, is it because we want to make our personal social issues such as abortion and gay marriage rights the focus of political elections; I just don’t know. I cannot believe though that anyone that is in today’s working and middle classes could vote for their own economic demise. Are you better off in terms of the value of the dollar you make today as compared to the 1980’s when this conservative movement in the American landscape took hold? I would bet your not. My parents only needed one income when they were raising their family, now it takes two plus one of them working more than one job. Is that anyway to have a family be raised with both parents always working and one not home at all but to sleep.

The infrastructure starting simply with our water systems, the bridges and over passes we drive over every day, building our light rail systems between major metropolitan regions, the modernization of our sea and airports and the acceleration of our solar and wind electrical grid system would put all of the remaining people that are unemployed back to work plus we would need even more jobs filled within a few years. This would necessitate the modernizing of our education system instead of “No Child Left Behind That Can Take a Test and Know Nothing of the Classics, Humanities, Civics and vigorous Physical Education”; we could now have the slogan state, “No Child Ignorant of Classical Thinking Skills, Not Obese and The Opportunity for a Good Paying Career That Will Benefit the Future of America’s Economic Might”.

Thank goodness the party of big business did not get its way and axe out the Recovery Acts investment in our future solar and wind electric grid systems. There has been some amazing advancements these past two years and with more support by our country’s citizens we can get a jump start on the development of a smart electric grid system nationally (we actually still operate under the principles Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse envisioned in the late 19th century) the actual conversion of a smart grid that would be able to convert and handle the solar, wind and other sustainable energy that creates electric power at or below today’s fossil fuel cost. But these things do not happen in the vacuum of the private sector at the beginning. The private sector needs the insurance that their investment dollars are protected by the government and actually that is what good government does for its citizens and industries; it allows them to grow and supports them in these endeavors. That is why a private-public Infrastructure Bank is so necessary.

This support will not come from the conservative right wing of the political party in control of the House of Representatives and who have a good chance of taking the Senate in 2012. This will though happen if the working and middle class and those corporations that believe in America’s future along with the wealthiest of our citizen are supporting American Economic Patriotism. Wow, what a great way to celebrate the birth of our great Nation, the coming together as a country like we came together after 9/11, or like we came together after Pearl Harbor, a country with an economic plan to be the greatest nation on earth for all its citizens. Happy, Healthy 4th of July everyone.


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