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Making America Competitive in a Global Economy

Where does one start when you see our country so divided today between bringing our debt level down to manageable levels and yes even balanced like the Presidency of Clinton along with a Republican Congress when the goals of the neo-conservative Republican wealthiest and the multinational corporations of our economy have practiced the policy of starving the federal budget. This reaction from the period of relative prosperity felt by the WASP citizens of the 1950’s of our great country and the attempt of the Johnson Administration to make right the centuries of wrongs perpetrated against the people of color with the Civil Rights Bills and Affirmative Action Policies passed to attempt to even the filed for all in the 1960’s. The difference between big governments that enables our modern western civilization to have the appropriate safety nets to (1). Allow for the equal access to education, (2) employment, and (3) business verses the concept of the conservative policies that free enterprise is the answer to peoples well being.

I am a white man, married to a Jewish woman raising adopted bi-racial children in Collier County. This is a lot different environment then say if we were raising our children in Broward County. Same State, counties share western and eastern borders but political, economic and social differences that are polar opposites. We both love America, we both want our country to be successful, to be the best it possibly can be but we come at it from very different views.

If we expect to be the greatest democracy in the world at the middle of the 21st century without allowing our middle class to flourish with dignified occupations performing worthwhile work we need to come together like we did after Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I am concerned that there are those of us that believe we are buying American when we go to the Wal-Marts and Targets of our community. OK, I get the idea and actually believe that when even as far back as the President Carter years we started to deal with free trade with those emerging national economies in Asia. What I am very perplexed about is that when we moved farther and farther along in allowing our manufacturing infrastructure to relocate off shore we did not have an economic plan to bring in high tech manufacturing for our workers to be able to transfer into. We should by now be in a second generation of new high h technology jobs in the country but we are barley scraping the surface and if we are not careful these emerging economies are going to fill the void. Our goals and policies are all wrong. We should be so much farther along with not only the technology of concentrated solar power and wind power to power our electrical grid; but instead we are protecting the oil industry even to the detriment of our countries security. Don’t use that Middle East propaganda on oil production; we get the majority of our oil today just from north of the border in Canada; but do you hear the media or politicians from both parties talk about this?

We need to first build up our infrastructure capacity. We are living in an old country with antiquated water delivery, sewage, roads, rail, light rail, bridges, overpasses, and education. We fight about why we cannot invest in these areas, the private sector does not believe it is their place and they are probably right. But we have starved the government so much these past 31 years that they are unable to provide those services and leadership in making sure our economic policies, infrastructure system to have the ability to keep our nation safe secure and strong for future generations of middle class workers.

Greed must be explored very closely; I am ashamed to admit it, but I too use to think I have earned mine and I don’t feel responsible in assisting those with less in having these same opportunities. They have to make their own opportunities. But when you have to borrow and be in debt to go to school for say $80K plus to receive an education, or if you don’t have a 700 plus score with your credit rating you cannot even get in the game today.

Starving the revenue end of the government only puts us at risk as a nation. Look at the past ten years; two wars where spending 2 billion dollars a day almost a million dollars a soldier and the passing of the prescription Medicare policy knowing full well this would hasten the starvation of our government’s ability o balance its budget; and cutting taxes even further was just pure fiscal responsibility of our leadership. The wealthiest amongst us have never in all the history of our country had such low taxes. The multinational corporations tell us they would build more local industry but for the tax structure. I do not believe this one bit. The wealthiest, the multinational corporations all get the same benefit of our security. The problem though the middle class is asked to pay for these expenses more and more with cutting those safety net programs such as Medicare and social security. The fact that we have a State Government that is forcing unemployed people to prove they are not taking illegal drugs; then when they are proven clean they can be rewarded with collecting that unemployment insurance they paid into and they get to pay for the drug test up front out of their own pocket when money is so tight, that could be a week of school lunches they have to spend until they receive a rebate from the state. Governor Scott and the super majority legislature- shame on you.

So we see that unless 11 criminal fly two planes into our buildings, pentagon and a field in Pa. we as a nation are two different citizens. That being those 2-3% wealthiest and the multinational corporations with all the economic privileges of the past 30 years of our countries monetary policy and those who are not.

We need to invest in our infrastructure more than ever now. Gosh darn we lost 7 million plus jobs with the financial calamity that happened on Wall Street. The tax payers could make them whole but who is looking out for the middle class tax payer? It is a miracle we were able to make 1.2 million new jobs when the Obama Administration did not fight for the amount of stimulus money really needed. Did the Truman and Eisenhower Administrations cut programs when our debt was 120% of your GDP after WWII? No. They created more stimulus programs that created the jobs that enabled us to have the revenues to pay our debt off. Yes greed does play; you see back then the wealthiest paid after their first 3 million in income a 91% tax rate. Now they don’t have income tax they have Capital Gains; what’s that rate 15%. Those with income pay 36%. Don’t blame Democratic leaders; these are policies that Republicans and very moderate Democratic politicians had to do to be elected into office. We would see amazing movement in our goal for a balance budget if we just go back to the President Reagan years. If you’re going to praise President Reagan you need to make sure you include his tax rate policies; you can’t pick and choose what you liked.

What will you do, complain and wine about how Medicare and social security is bleeding our economy or will you admit it is not your patriotic duty to come together to rebuild our economy not only for the wealthiest but for the middle class and those that are less fortunate. When you think about that think about your God and what he/she would want you to do. I believe Jesus believed that if he taught you to fish you could feed everyone all the time. Are you patriotic? Do you believe that we are a country that is the melting pot of the world? Do you believe in equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; well then tell the leaders you elect for office to get off their partisan political views and instead of being Republicans and democratic leaders become leaders for America.


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