global constituencies miss the America that leads; driving the bus of economic success takes leadership

Making America Competitive in a Global Economy

The world is looking towards America to once again take the reins of leadership in global economic stability. The past global financial meltdown which originated from the United States; though this was the first post war melt down caused by our financial institutions it has left doubt by our G-21 allies if we can continue in this leadership position of the free world in the 21st century. The emergence of China, India and Brazil with their emerging economies it has become evident they want more responsibility at the institutions we so closely led since WW II such as the World Trade Organization (WTO). I don’t know about you but I for one would hate to see that happen. It took our lead to create the free trade policies that erase the bootstraps of poverty from 100’s of millions of Indians, Chinese and Brazilians these past three decades. It has been our leadership and influence that has created and enhanced world security and economic progression for nations and their peoples who never knew anything more than poverty. It has also created quite the imbalance of wealth within our own nation. If we do not want to lose the influence and leadership similar to Great Britain at the turn of the 20th century it is imperative that we put our countries economic house in order. I am not so sure Wall Street wants the Chinese Yuan to be the global currency supplanting our dollar just right yet. The above issues will have consequences to our middle class wage earners especially if we cannot formulate a national economic plan. We must get our political and economic houses in order and make those policy decisions that will allow our nation to reboot and prosper once again.

China and India along with Brazil due to their economic strength these past three years owing in part their successes with America’s largest multinational corporations moving assets to their economies and the growth of our banking industry investing within these markets they were able to withstand the negative impacts that the rest of the G-21 nations who were caught far over extended were not suffering through this recession now moving into its fourth year. Why is that? I would say one major reason is they have had an economic development plan to follow that allowed them to look more advantages to the world’s investors, multinational corporations and banks when it came time to invest in those emerging markets. We need to take this time as Americans and sit down across the kitchen table of bi partisan’s politics and finally lay our cards on the table.

We need an economic investment plan now. Not a Republican Plan, not a Democratic Plan, we need an American Plan just like we did after WW II when we were able to create the investment policies for our nation, put people back to work and create entrepreneurial opportunities for the business community and the financial products by our banks to finance these endeavors.

We need to incorporate not only the wealthiest and multinational corporations to drink from the goblet of sustainable wealth but we need to include our working class by creating a plan that will put them back to work for sustainable wages. Not the wages we see now that pay ten to twelve dollars an hour with no benefits, no hope of a decent retirement, and unaffordable health insurance; no we need to create in our economic plan the political will to produce the goods and services that will rebuild the American dream; building quality products on time, more efficiently, for global and local markets that will lift our middle class back up into the ranks of productive self actualized human beings.

This plan needs to incorporate our infrastructure and how we plan to transition to sustainable power sources for our nations survival. We have to fix our home first; we have to show the world we are not this two class society of those with wealth and those working for 10.00 an hour. We can do anything we put our mind to we know this. The fact that we went to the moon in less than ten years after President Kennedy challenged us when the Soviets had leaped frog us in technology and actual space flights in the early 1960’s, is proof enough we can create this very same challenge only now it is about our economic security which is how we will assure our national security and powerbase in a global marketplace in the 21st century..

Yes some of our power will diminish due to the growth of China, India and Brazil in economic power and by their willingness to follow the international structures we invited them into in the latter part of the 20th century when free trade really spread it wings. And while China may not be a democracy yet, it will have to turn to a form of democracy eventually to make their country have the structures in place to continue to grow. But like an elderly sage with a Herculean physique our nation, these United States of America can be very influential in how these emerging economic powers continue to be assimilated and a partner in the world economic market place. This cannot happen though if we have not cleaned our own house of that vile disenfranchising of our working class through the paralysis of bi partisanship.

Our leaders will only take the lead of their constituents. If we want to keep separating our fellow citizens over social agenda issues, if we continue to allow our leadership to starve our government of the revenues, ideas and vision for the future we can blame no one else but ourselves. We can continue to be the Big Dog and leader globally or we can contract and take a back seat to the future like Great Britain did at the turn of the century. The choice is ours.


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Mycophile writes:

American's have made their choice. Any political atmosphere where a significant number of leaders fail to recognize the validity of scientific concepts like global climate change, or even evolution, is destine to decline.

Without the commitment to funding science and engineering education we will end up picking the scraps left by the Chinese and Indians.

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