my mission, values and commitment to the future of America in the 21st century and the 2012 election cycle

Making America Competitive in a Global Economy

What my blog, essays, presentations and I are all about.


Offer measurable objectives to create economic growth through our nation’s infrastructure modernization, rebuild our communities, diversify our economy, identify 21st century leadership skill-sets, eliminate polarization in our political discourse, engage the silent majority to engage in our countries dialogue, insure fairness in national economic policies, reestablish economic parity through respect for America’s working and middle class through job creation and higher wages, extend the education system through associate, bachelor and vocational programs in order to compete with the emerging economies of the world such as China, India and Brazil.


Share the facts about our failing infrastructure introducing past accomplishments as a country that were supported by the vast majority of Americans (Republicans, Democratic and Independent voters) only 35-70 years ago; how our education system must expand public education into the post high school vocational, associate and bachelor degree programs, why a strong vibrant middle class only exists through economic policies protecting wealth distribution; share the importance for mutual citizen leadership skill-sets to identify the new 21st century collaborative politician; provide economic policies that protect our national self identity as a people, and finally how the rebuilding of our infrastructure will lead to our economic recovery, balance the deficits and pay off our debt.


Post WW II economic policies would never have seen the light of day if the politicians of the 2010 Congress were our leader’s post 1946. Today’s conservative leadership from both political parties wants to complete the extermination of the progressive collaborative political environment that existed between 1932 and 1976. The middle Class Democracy that became the bastion of America pride and strength throughout the free world is pretty much non vocal, leadership less and has lost the ability to earn sustainable wages in which to comfortably marry, buy a home, raise a family, send them to college, and safely save for their retirement without going in and out of immobilizing debt. How did this happen, why did it affect so many Americans, where was the economic policies to regulate the movement from and industrialized economy to an information knowledge base economy?

Was it the elimination of the trade tariffs; was it the dummying down of our public education system; were the millions of manufacturing and service sector jobs transported off-shore to the new emerging economic markets to fast to soon; could the changes to Glass-Steagall Act allowing our nation’s banking industry the ability to comingle commercial banking with more risky investment banking a player; was unproven economic policies of tinkle down tax breaks which starved the government revenue capability with draconian voodoo economic policies, or not asking for American’s to sacrifice after 9/11 and enter two major wars and the global fight on terrorism without creating a budget and asking our citizens to fund these endeavors?

It is time now for all American’s to be included in the political dialogue if we don’t we will complete the final extermination phase of a robust middle class. I no doubt believe that the parties participating in our polarization love our country. I have no doubt that they are patriotic, they believe in those values and social mores they have implemented into our socioeconomic system these past 40 some years. I also believe with all my heart that the middle class did not understand what was happening to them definitely since a percentage of them held and or hold some of what I will call very personal emotional wedge division social issues.

The speed in which change happens today takes less time now; in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, change seem to happen every generation. With the fall of the Evil Empire and Cold War, with the innovations of the computer and the new economy intertwined between the knowledge base-information age change comes at us every five years or less. Facebook was not even born 7-8 years ago and what happened to My Space?

There are a lot of people who fear the future; they do not understand this new economic model, I would guess it must be similar to when we moved from an agrarian economy to a industrial economy only the speed is 10 times as fast if not faster. No wonder we have citizens wanting to find something to blame for these whirling diverges. The conservative politicians have hooked on to this mammoth Captain Ahab’s Moby-Dick and driven our infrastructure into decay, our ability to be civil in discussing our differences, our ability as “We the People” to incorporate all the socioeconomic classes into prosperity during the past 40 some years. The latest distribution showing income appreciation as measured from 1977 through 2007 shows the top 1% with a 269-276% increase, the middle class in the neighborhood of 38-40% increase and the impoverished at about 18-20%.

The policies related to giving everyone more and more tax breaks because “Job Creators” will take their additional profits and expand their businesses. Well the times of our lowest job growth during the periods between 1932 and 2008 were from 1981-1992 and 2001 and 2008. The tinkle down economic policies did not work so well. One reason was that Job Creators did not have an incentive to reinvest in their businesses. Before 1980, Job Creators to keep from paying higher taxes would take the profits above what their effected tax rate was that year and in order to not pay more taxes REINVESTED those dollars into their companies. That is why some of the greatest years of job creation were during the 1932-1976 periods n our economic history.

So we have probably the most important election since the 1930’s this November 2012. I am going to support those politicians that support American “Can Do” middle class and working class citizens. I am going to support those politicians that want to modernize our infrastructure systems so we can support our nation’s people, their security and new job growth. I am going to support those leaders who believe in collaboration who no longer want to polarize one segment of society from the other. What are your ideas, where do you see areas of improvement and how do we get there?


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