Course has never looked better

Playable Lies

I’ll tell you what, people look at it like I have a home-course advantage. It definitely isn’t because the golf course is set up in a way where it’s not like any course I’ve ever seen. Now we have rough where we don’t usually have rough. The greens are faster. I’m kind of learning this place all over again.

The course is absolutely in the best shape I’ve ever seen it. I’m so proud to be out there and living out there, and the players are really infatuated with it. From the ones I talked to, they think it’s just a great hidden gem in Naples. I’m just really glad that this has gone off. It’s going to be very interesting. The greens are really spicy.

For me, just rolling out of bed is nice. I should just walk to work every day, but I keep my clubs in my trunk. I don’t walk with my clubs the 400 yards to the clubhouse. It is nice just being recognized by all of the members.

We have the tour chaplain staying with us, Tom Randall and his wife. He does a chapel service every Friday night for all of the players and usually about 100 people show up, players, caddies, tournament officials.

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