Reflections on the War in Afghanistan

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Dr. René Menguy

In three of my postings on the subject of the war in Afghanistan, I’ve tried to bring up some of the reasons why we shouldn’t be there. For want of space, an important one was omitted. It’s something that should enrage every American.

The Afghan government has granted the mining rights to the largest unexploited COPPER deposit in the world to a Chinese metallurgical Company. The barracks for the Chinese workers are already up. This has been generally known for some time because American officials have been involved in the bidding process. If this were not bad enough per se, we now find out that the Afghan Minister of Mines received a “roughly 30 million dollar bribe to award the country’s largest development project to a Chinese Mining Firm”.

It would take more than a blog to list everything the USA has done for that misbegotten country. Viewed through the prism of our Judeo-Christian ethos, one would expect that, in return, its government would give us an edge. After all, we’ve baptized that soil with the blood of our finest young men. At the very least, we’ve earned some consideration.

However, having spent two years working amidst Muslims, I know what happened It all boiled down to “Baksheesh Sahib”. No surprise; that’s the way they’ve been doing business for millennia. It’s their way. I can easily imagine the exchange between our negotiator and that Afghan Minister.

An aside. sotto voce:

“A little more mint tea, Mr. er Smith, perhaps a little sweetener, in the neighborhood of 20 or 30 billion, maybe, yes?”

Why sure, Minister, our congress is now working on special allocation bill for your great country, what’s a few billion dollars more, consider it done, no prob.”

“So sorry Mr. Smith, your English language, so much trouble, the little, shall we say, gift, would be not for our President, may peace be with him, but for your humble servant, Inch’ Allah.”

“Oh yeah, well yes, ‘um sure, I get it, I’ll tell ‘ya, ‘um, have to discuss this with my boss, we don’t usually do business that way.”

At this point, the Minister’s eyes glazed over, his smile faded and he turned to the guy on his left, who happened to be Chinese. I am not privy to their conversation.

Doesn’t this make you want to open a window, lean out and scream: ‘I can’t take this any more.” Anyway, that’s what I did, but, given my age, only a croak came out

And by the way, whose other palms did the Chinese grease? And isn’t it strange that the Taliban haven’t hit those Chinese barracks? And why aren’t they contributing some troops to the war effort there?

And now to another subject: that thing about bringing the 9/11 perps to Manhattan for a trial onto which the whole world will focus.

Believe me, I fully understand what the administration wants to achieve. They want to bring some sort of closure to the Gitmo problem; and also, by giving these men every consideration of the American Judicial System, show the world that we are a law abiding nation.

As I see it, the problem with that thinking is that we’re looking at global events through the eyes of our own particular culture, while those we’re trying to impress will view our actions through their own prism. As far as a huge fraction of the world population is concerned, we are pillorying men who simply followed the dictates of their conscience; men who embraced a holy jihad and are perfectly willing and happy to die for their beliefs. Fine! I have no problem with that. But I most assuredly object to their getting a spiritual orgasm at our expense. Going through with this charade only makes us look weak.

There was a time in the history of warfare when saboteurs without a uniform were subjected to SUMMARY military justice.

The magnificent bald eagle is our icon. Let us behave like eagles.

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