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Dr. René Menguy

Although the title implies that only France will be discussed, I should point out that all of Europe and the British Iles are involved. Nevertheless, France and Great Britain have peculiar problems because of their extensive colonial possessions prior to WW II. France, for example, had governed the territories of Algeria, Morocco, the entire Sahara as well as some of the sub-Saharan entities, a sizable portion of central and East Africa in addition to Madagascar and French Indochina. France readily accepted their inhabitants at the end of the War. Moreover, during the bitterly fought Franco-Algerian war, the French government tried to appease the Algerian revolutionaries, by granting French citizenship to the entire Algerian population; a singularly stupid move. Not only did this fail to stop the vicious fighting, but after De Gaulle wisely granted Algeria independence, Muslim Algerian immigrants flowed freely into France.
However, the main reason for the huge increase in the numbers of immigrants to Europe in recent decades is a demographic phenomenon first recognized in the seventies: an ageing of the entire European population.
It is a well-accepted fact, that for a social entity to remain viable, its birth rate, i.e., the average number of births per female must remain at or above 2.1. During the 1970ies, the rate for France as well as for Europe as a whole had fallen to 1.5.
When a population ages, the number of active workers (ages 15 to 64) decreases in proportion to the number of inactive individuals who become increasingly dependent on social services funded by the output of the active work force. At the time, it was projected that, short of a solution, the European work force would lose 146 million workers by the year 2050. French authorities calculated that France would start to lose 20, 000 active workers every year after 2006.
Those responsible for the governance of the EU and France felt that this state of affairs was unsustainable and decided that, for the sake of the EU’s economy, its work force had to grow. Their solution: open the door to immigration. Since Europe had always been a magnet for immigration from the Muslim countries of the near and middle east whose populations were bursting at the seams, their goals were soon realized or so it appeared. They had failed to appreciate one problem. At a time when European economies were entering a digital age and needed increasingly sophisticated workers, the mostly uneducated and young Muslim Middle East immigrants contributed little to the work force but made heavy demands on social services.
Anyway, between the years 2000 and 2005, it was like a flood following the rupture of a dam: 1,400,000 immigrants entered the EU every year, a figure that does not take into account illegals estimated at about 80,000 per year. The United Nations endorsed this policy and suggested that it was the only way the EU countries could maintain an industrial output sufficient to meet the needs of their expensive social programs.
American demographers have estimated that Europe acquired 23,2 million Muslims, or about 5% of its population. They landed in France (5 million), Germany (4 million), Belgium (364, 000) and Holland (886, 000). Some estimates place the Muslim population of France at about 6 million, i.e. 6% of its population. Because French law prohibits any manner of religious queries during census taking, it has been difficult to determine the actual number of Muslims in France. One apparently conservative estimate places it at 10% of the total population.
Early on, most of the Muslim immigration into France was work related. This has changed to the point that France is now becoming populated by Muslim families whose birth rates range from 4.1 to 5.8. Their increasing presence has led to a rise in the rate of conversions to Islam.
French demographers have estimated that, short of some unforeseen event impacting the inexorable, Muslims will become 25% of the French population by 2025; by all accounts a point of no return that could see them in control of the fifth world power.

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