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Dr. René Menguy

The anger felt by many of us upon finding out about the Mosque to be built in New York close to ground zero doesn’t begin to approach the depth of the resentment felt in many European countries against Muslims, as illustrated by a recent excerpt from the NDN:
“……….in many European countries, where immigration has created a backlash of anti-Muslim sentiment and boosted Nationalist parties that are negative toward Islam and Muslims.”( NDN,10/10/20.)
As I pointed out in a piece posted recently, most of the Muslims entering Europe to augment the work force were young and often poorly educated. They took jobs that the better educated native born Europeans no longer wanted; the kind of minimally remunerated work that put them at the fringe of the society they had joined. As a result they hunkered down wherever they could and became, like street beggars, an embarrassment. The French government ‘solution: build what they called H.L.M ( habitation à location modéré-low rent housing). They are not unlike the ones we built in Manhattan on the East River Drive, only worse. They are bigger and located in what the French call the out-lying suburbs of Paris, far from the social amenities that all cities provide. At first sight, they looked to me like some Orwellian, nightmarish vision of hell on hearth. In that area of France they represent 38% of the population.
Small wonder that these immigrants, arriving in “ La Belle France” with visions of paradise, felt they were being marginalized. Rather than attempting to adjust and assimilate they gathered under the mantle of their religion and nurtured their contempt for their Christian hosts. In other words they pulled themselves up by putting other people down, something common to most humans. Why integrate into a society that tolerates homosexuality which, according to their Sharia Law is punishable by death, a society that turns a blind eye on adultery, punishable by death according to the Qur’an (Chapter IV, verse 15), and condones casual sex between consenting adults, i.e. fornication punishable by 100 lashes (Chapter XXIV. Verse 2). Why should they join a society in which men and women are considered to be equal, which is contrary to the teachings of the Qur’an (Chapter IV, verse 34) and above all, a society of non-believers whose members think that all men are born equal? According to the Qur’an true believers are superior to non-believers (Chapter III, verse 139). However, it is only fair to remind ourselves that those who are critical of Islam do not point out that these harsh punishments are always mitigated in many ways, as for example the admonishment that in order for a woman to be punished for adultery, there must be several witnesses and there are severe punishments for being a false witness.
Anyhow, it is difficult for practicing Muslims to observe their religion outside of a Muslim environment. They are restricted from eating certain foods. Muslim holy days must be faithfully observed. They must refrain from casual contacts with women or even look at them. Goodness, how different from the French! Muslim women must wear certain garments, something to which the French government has reacted by prohibiting the wearing of the burkha. They must pray several times a day. It would appear that at the present time, the city of Paris lacks a sufficient number of Mosques to satisfy their religious needs. They’ve shown their dissatisfaction with this situation by gathering in different sections of Paris and taking over entire streets for afternoon prayers, during which time, the police close the streets to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Moreover, they are now telling French schools to provide halal foods, to allow Muslim students to observe Muslim holidays and excuse them from taking examinations or tests during holy days. Those who are employed demand, repeat demand, that businesses grant them periodic daily recesses for prayers.

These Islamic “citizens” of France are creating a state within a state; one that is pressuring French society to conform to Islamic Laws and mores. This is not right! I have just heard Germany’s Chancellor Merkel tell the Bundestag that multiculturalism (a doctrine according to which, several cultures, rather than a single national culture, can coexist peacefully in one country) is not working and that Muslims must learn German and assimilate. (Germany has the same problem as France. The 9/11 perpetrators planned their coup there.).
The only serious French opposition to immigration originated in 1957 with the entry onto the French political scene of Jean-Marie Le Pen, an ultra-right and nationalist politician, and a very strong advocate of restrictions on immigration. The French electorate still reeling from the excesses of the Nazi occupation of France never seriously accepted him.
Some have predicted that by 2025 the Muslim population of France could be large enough for them to assume control of the fifth world power; a nuclear one.

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