No More Doubletalk by Victor Rios

The Trojan Horse. as many of you are aware of, was a tale from the Trojan War, as described in the epic poem “The Aeneid” by Virgil. The Trojan Horse stratagem facilitated the Greeks to enter the city of Troy and end the 10-year siege of Troy by the Greeks. By building the huge figure of a horse and hiding inside a select force of 30 men, the Greeks fooled the Trojans. They faked a retreat but left behind the huge wooden horse which was then pulled by the Trojans into their city as a victory trophy. When night fell, the Greek forces came out of the Horse and opened the gates of the city of Troy and let the Greek Army into the city. Once inside, the Greek Army defeated the Trojans and ended the war.

I strongly believe that Obamacare is the Trojan Horse for the government finally take full control of the US economy and implement Obama’s’ dream of a socialist society and his “re-distribution of wealth” scheme.
Obama has promised many things and while he is not fooling the majority of Americans, he is fooling and “buying” the Politicians who are voting for it in spite of the American people opposition. Obama is buying every vote he can to lure willing politicians to commit political suicide, in the name of “the better good”.

I hate to call my President a liar, but the same Democrats and Media who first supported the Iraq war because “Saddam Hussein could not be allowed to threaten the stability and lives of the people of the Middle East and the world economy (this was said by the likes of Senator Kerry, Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, etc.) called Bush a liar, when the so-called missing WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction) were not found. Therefore, I am not breaking any new ground here. Obama has no qualms about making up numbers and stories to achieve his objectives at any costs. He has been building the Trojan Horse and the likes of Pelosi and Harry Reid are doing his bidding with threats, manipulation and bribes to Senate and House members. There was the Cornhusker deal for Senator Nelson of Nebraska, there was the Second Louisiana Purchase for Senator Landrieu, there was the Big Union buyout to the tune of $60 billion by eliminating the taxing of the so-called Cadillac health policies that most union members get. These are the most mentioned, but there are many others that were made to get the Senate bill approved by wavering Senators..Now, Obama offers a Federal Judgeship to the brother of Congressman Jim Matheson of Utah who originally voted no on the House Bill last year and now, miraculously became undecided and leaning yes.

President Obama, has been making the rounds, trying to “buy” the people who voted no before. On Monday March 15, he visited Ohio and stated that an employer who provides Health Care benefits to his employees will save 3000 % once Obamacare is passed. If you were to do the math, let’s assume that an employer has 100 employees and spends $5000.00 per employee in healthcare. That translates to a total cost to the employer of $500,000.00 a year. If it saves 3000% then the employer will make a net gain of $14,500,000.00. Amazing! The employer makes money just by providing healthcare. If it sounds like an “snake oil salesman”, it is. No fear, the President miss-spoke. Once the so-called right-wing media and Fox News highlighted the President’s gaffe, the White House has clarified the statement saying that each employer would save $3000.00 per employee. That is yet another number thrown around without any basis, but provided some cover for the President. Just Imagine if Sarah Palin had said this. She would be the laughing stock ( and rightfully so) of every late night comedian, Saturday Night Live, and all other Elite Media outlets.. Bu since Obama said it, it was just a misinterpretation not a stupid statement which it really was. Dan Quayle would be proud.

Then the President played again to the American compassionate spirit. He went on to relate the sad story of Natoma Canfield in Ohio, who he claimed cannot get healthcare because of the condition she is in. Unfortunately, the President did not tell the complete story. Ms Canfield suffers from leukemia, but while she does not have any healthcare policy, she is getting healthcare services from the Cleveland Clinic, which even the President recognizes as a first class healthcare facility. Ms. Canfield is getting the best medical attention available in the country and no, she is not paying a penny and she is not losing any belongings. The fact is that, by law, anyone who walks into a hospital will get healthcare whether they have an insurance policy or not, so the President, by dramatizing Canfield’s lack of health insurance was really trying to mislead his audience and the American people in general.
The arrogance of the President and his ‘Trojan Horse” soldiers go further. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, just a week ago stated that “ we need to pass the bill so that we can see what is in it.” That is an insult to the American people. She is pushing her members to vote for a bill that not even her knows what is in it. It gets worse. Just today, March 17, 2010, on the Fox News Bret Baier interviewed President Obama, and then on his typical doubletalk stated that he, the President does not know yet what is in the bill but once it is passed , we all, including him will know what is in the bill, because will be posted in the Internet for all to see. The President is telling us, go ahead, buy that car you want, once you give me the money, I will tell you what you are getting. The arrogance of power!!!

If you are all wondering what is really going on, here are the facts.
The House passed a healthcare bill. The Senate passed a healthcare bill. The Democrats lost their filibuster proof vote when Senator Brown was elected in Massachusetts.

Under normal circumstances, the next step would be for the House and Senate designate members to have a conference and work out their differences, which then results on a revised bill (one side could accept the other one as is, but it is rare). Once the resulting bill comes out of this conference it goes back to both the House and the Senate for a vote. It could be voted down by either chamber of Congress and with the Democrats loosing the filibuster proof Senate, they have decided to use a so-called Reconciliation Process. This is the parliamentary maneuver in which Congress agrees on general objectives and uses reconciliation to plug in specific numbers later. It is intended to streamline legislative debates and amendments related to budget-related legislation. In other words, while this has been used before it is meant to be used for budget related matters not to take over 1/6 of the US economy. With reconciliation, the bill could be passed with only a 51 vote majority in the Senate.

However, Speaker of the House, Pelosi has problems with her own Democrat Party members. Many believe that voting for the Senate's unpopular healthcare bill could be politically fatal, even with the subsequent changes in the reconciliation process.
No problem, Speaker \Pelosi has a solution, use the maneuver, called "deem and pass." This is now also nicknamed the ‘Slaughter Rule, since Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) is doing the leg work to go to this process. On her push, this will take the resolution on the reconciliation changes it wants, the House simply would "deem" that it had passed the Senate legislation — without members of Congress actually ever voting on it. The scheme is a cover for Democrat Representatives who vote for this to then tell their constituents that, although they voted on changes to the Senate bill, they never approved the bill itself. This is the ultimate “Doubletalk” More arrogance.

Democrats on the House Rules Committee say there is plenty of precedent for the "deem-and-pass" technique, also known as a "self-executing rule." In 1996, it was used in House Resolution 391, "The Senior Citizens' Right to Work Act." In 1993, it was employed to adjust House Resolution 71, the "Family Medical Leave Act.". However, on both those cases the process was agreed to in a bipartisan way for the approval of minor routine legislation. In this case, the process is unprecedented since it would be used to take over 1/6 of the US economy, a major piece of legislation and therefore unconstitutional since Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution says that, for a bill to become law, it "shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate."

"There is no precedent for what they're trying to do in the House right now," Brian Darling, the Heritage Foundation's director of Senate relations, has stated. "There is precedent for using deeming regulations and self-executing rules. But in this situation, they're trying to set up a circumstance where the House will pass a bill with no vote being taken on it, and at the same time pass a reconciliation measure. So that makes it unprecedented." In general, voters do not pay attention to minor procedural issues, but Darling continues, "Procedure usually isn't important to the American people, but the American people can see through this, that it is an extraordinary procedural abuse to pass Obamacare this way."

Many pundits following the healthcare debate agree that the extended, contentious debate over healthcare reform could exact a high political price if Democrats resort to extraordinary methods to get the bill across the finish line. Darling, among them, has also stated:

"The American people are already hearing arguments that the bill is unconstitutional, Now they're hearing arguments that the measures being used to get it through Congress are unconstitutional as well. Add to that the polls which show the majority of Americans are against Obamacare, and that adds up to a perfect political storm that Democrats will have trouble overcoming." Furthermore, even a top level Democrat is nervous and worried about this process, Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., told CNBC on March 16, 2010: : "If you asked me would you prefer to this done without these exotic procedural moves, absolutely. I would prefer we did this in a straight manner. But you've seen what happened here politically."

Multiple polls, including Gallup, who is a Democrat show that the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to Obamacare. A poll taken last week involving 1,200 surveys in 35 swing congressional districts, provides additional indications that representatives who vote for the unpopular reforms could soon find themselves clearing out their congressional offices and moving back home. Seven in 10 respondents — including 45 percent of Democrats, 72 percent of independents, and 88 percent of Republicans — said they would vote against any House member who votes for the Senate healthcare bill, which is laden with provisions to appeal for special interests.

Now, while there is a lot of speculation about Obamacare, the fact is that a similar, albeit more limited system was implemented in Massachusetts, which now is been nicknamed Romneycare, after Governor Romney under whose administration this program was put in place,

As a result of the severe limitations on insurance rates, 3 of the 4 largest insurers in Massachusetts posted losses in 2009. Fifty six (56) % of Massachusetts internal medicine physicians are not taking any new patients because they cannot afford to cover their expenses for the fees they are allowed. In addition new patients who get an appointment with a primary care doctor wait an average of 44 days. MASSACHUSETS CITIZENS PAY AN AVERAGE 27% HIGHER PREMIUMS FOR THEIR HEALTHCARE THAN THE NATIONAL AVERAGE. People are also gaming the system, while, like Obamacare, there is a mandate for people to buy (forced to) health insurance, these people are waiting until they need major medical procedures to get insurance, which cannot be denied (so-called pre-existent conditions). Once they get the treatment they drop the policy in a few months. In addition, several of the Massachusetts hospitals who serve lower income and uninsured patients are threatening bankruptcy because the payments they receive do not cover their costs.. The point is that Massachusetts is really a mini-Obamacare “experiment” and it is costing much more than originally planned, people are waiting longer to get care, costs are increasing at a faster rate than the rest of the nation and many healthcare providers are on the brink of bankruptcy.

In contrast to Romneycare, Indiana, has pursued HAS’s (Health Saving accounts) for its State employees. In 2010, Indiana is saving $10 million in healthcare costs for its employees. Overall they are achieving a 11% reduction in healthcare costs. The State of Indiana covers the premium for the plan and deposits $2750 per employee HSA a year.. This process makes users more conscious of expenditures, i.e. they have some “skin in the game”. Funds not used go into a fund owned by the employees and to-date there are about $30 million in the account or $2000 per employee. The success of the system is based on employees taking control of their own expenditures. Looking for a better service, questioning the need for a test that they may have taken before as well as asking about the availability of a generic version of a drug. When the plan, which is not mandatory, was first offered only 4% of Indiana 30,000 State employees chose to participate, as of the end of 2009 over 70% have joined the program and studies have shown a high level of confidence on the program as well as satisfaction. Overall, those covered under the program are seeing $65 in costs vs. $100 in costs per service for their associates who still use the old system.

We all agree that Healthcare “fixes” are needed, but when your car needs brakes, you do not throw the car away. That is what Obamacare is trying to do, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the whole Democrat administration are hell bent in imposing their so-called Healthcare reform, which has continually changed names. First was a need for reform, then was the villain insurance companies, now is for the future of the nation and all of that combined. The reality is that what the Obama administration wants to do is a complete takeover and further control the US economy to pursue its socialist agenda. This is only the first step, the next one is Cap and Trade, more regulations and controls of all aspects of the economy so that as people become more dependent, those on government gain more power. Does Banana Republic sounds familiar?

For the last several months the promoters of Obamacare have been demonizing insurance companies and other healthcare providers, They claim that insurance companies capriciously denied procedures and the like. While that is true in some case, the biggest denier of procedures is a government run program and it is called Medicare. Also, Medicare is raising its premium just as other private insurers are.

Here is a good example. I am personally on Medicare. Before I went on Medicare, my insurance company covered a yearly physical. Remember Preventive Medicine. Well that ounce of prevention helped me find some health issues. When I started my Medicare coverage, they only allow a physical when you first join, that is it. Then there is the issue of Premium increases. Everybody talks about the increases from 10 to 30% that some insurance companies are asking for. Well, Medicare Premiums are automatically deducted from your Social Security benefits. For 2010, for my Social Security benefits, just like those of all the people on Social security in our country, I received a letter explaining that last year’s CPI was zero, so we would not be receiving any increase in our SS monthly payments. On the other hand, the Medicare premiums increased by 15% and the Medicare deductible also increased by 15%. By the way, many doctors do not accept Medicare because the reimbursement on many procedures are so low that do not cover the costs to the provider. These are signs of things to come. If Obamacare passes and Medicare gets cut to pay for part of that new plan those on Medicare will be even worse off.

The Left wing media and pro-Obama care people keep on touting that other countries have better or higher lifespan than the US and lower infant mortality rates. Let’s take infant mortality rates. Most other countries do not count still birth when they calculate their infant mortality rates. In the US we count every still birth as an infant death, so it increases the number. Add to that the fact that thousands of illegal aliens cross our border ready to deliver the baby so that they have an “American anchor”. Most of these women suffer from severe lack of pre-natal care and many babies die shortly after they are born, hence the also count into our infant mortality rate.

Now let’s address the issue of life span. The US is about 33rd to 36th, depending what statistical year is used. However, here again the numbers do not tell the story. There are at least 15 million illegal aliens in the US. The majority of them are the very poor people that are looking for a better life. Many of these people have ailments and their life span is shorter because of their problems they bring in, but since they die in the US, guess what, they count and reduces our statistical life span. To add insult to injury, Obama has, by Executive order, given the State Dept permission to allow HIV positive people to enter the US. This not only adds to our healthcare costs, but also to the life span calculation.

Now, we need to look at what “socialized medicine” has done to those countries who have implemented it. A recent "Investor's Business Daily" article provided very interesting statistics from a survey by the United Nations International Health Organization.

Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:

U.S. 65%
England 46%
Canada 42%

Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months:
U.S. 93%
England 15%
Canada 43%

Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months:

U.S. 90%
England 15%
Canada 43%

Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month:
U.S. 77%
England 40%
Canada 43%

Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million people:
U.S. 71
England 14
Canada 18

Percentage of seniors (65+), with low income, who say they are in "excellent health":
U.S. 12%
England 2%
Canada 6%

I don't know about you, but I don't want "Obamacare" comparable to England or Canada .

Moreover, it was Sen. Harry Reid who said, "Elderly Americans must learn to accept the inconveniences of old age."

Let’s ship him to England or Canada when he gets voted out of office this November

He is "elderly" himself but be sure to remember his health insurance is different from yours as Congress has their own high-end coverage! He will never have to learn to accept "inconveniences"!!!

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conchsoup writes:

Just thought you might like to know there is no such organization as the one you list above called United Nations International Health Organization. And the numbers you attribute to them are made up.

You may actually be pleased and you will definitely be surprised by how many benefits there will be once the bill is passed.

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