No More Doubletalk by Victor Rios

The new Arizona law on immigration has been demonized, misquoted and now several US cities, the media and Democrat politicians are calling for the boycott of Arizona. It is not my intent here to debate Arizona’s law, which is supported by 70% of Arizonans, as well as over 60% of the American people. My intent here is to unmask the double standard that is been used by cities like Los Angeles, Austin, and Seattle, amongst others, as well as the doubletalk of the Elite Media and even President Obama who has mocked the Arizona law or Secretary of Justice Eric Holder who has criticized the law, but have admitted that he has not read the law himself, or Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, who in spite of being the Former Governor of Arizona and who during her administration requested the Federal government to reimburse Arizona for the costs that illegal immigration was costing the state, is now criticizing the law and misrepresenting it, while admitting that she has actually not read the law. These Obama officials as well as himself apparently rather mock, criticize and misrepresent the law, which is only 12 pages long and they should read.

Let’s looks at some of the immigration laws of some other countries:


Mexico's Ley General de Poblacion (General Law of the Population), which regulates its population and how immigration is handled, is clearly detailed in a 2006 research paper published by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Security Policy. Here are some highlights of that law, as well as some other Mexican Statutes:

1-The Mexican law actually is racist. It bars foreigners from coming into the country if they deem allowing them in upsets "the equilibrium of the national demographics." It also verifies that they are physically and mentally fit.
2-Immigrants must demonstrate that they will not be an economic burden to the Mexican society and have a clean criminal history in order to be allowed in Mexico.
3-Mexican citizenship is only given to those who can provide a bank statement for financial security and independence, pass an exam showing knowledge of Mexican history and laws, and provide for their own health care.
4-Any person found illegally in the country is charged with a felony, could be jailed and then deported.
5-Document fraud is subject to fine and imprisonment.
6-Marrying a Mexican national to obtain citizenship is fraud and may result in several years of imprisonment.
7-Evading deportation is a serious crime and illegal re-entry after deportation is punishable by ten years' imprisonment. Foreigners may be kicked out of the country without any legal rights or due process
8-The national Mexican law mandates that law enforcement official, both federal and local, cooperate and enforce all immigration laws, including arrests and deportations. The Mexican law also authorizes and expects the Mexican armed forces to assist in the enforcement of immigration laws
9-Illegal aliens could be subject to “citizens arrests” carried out by native-born Mexicans.
10-Mexico requires by law that every member of its population carry a “citizens identity card (National ID).. Visitors who fail to carry or possess proper documentation and identification are arrested as illegal aliens. Furthermore, all foreign nationals and tourists are tracked by Mexico’s National catalog of foreigners and they use this to actively pursue and prosecute people who overstay their visas or visitor’s permit.
11-Under the Mexican constitution, criticizing the Mexican Government or political speech by foreigners is banned. Noncitizens cannot take part or participate in the political affairs of the country. waving a foreign flag or criticize the President. Deportation is immediate without any legal due process. (Compare this to the recent illegal immigrants in Arizona who marched and protested freely in front of their State Capitol, waving Mexican flags and calling for the “Smash of the State of Arizona”, they were allowed to protest and no action against them was taken. In Mexico they would have been arrested immediately and deported at best or incarcerated at worst).
12-Numerous Mexican statutes limit the participation of foreign nationals and companies in everything from investment, education, mining and civil aviation to electric energy and firearms. Foreigners have severely limited or non-existent private property and employment rights.
13-Foreigners, even legally present, cannot be a burden to the Mexican taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programs. Any foreigner who presents a burden to the Mexican economy is deported.
14-Mexico does not have any mandatory bilingual programs in any of their schools.
15-Election ballots are only printed in Spanish and voters “must” show their National ID in order to be allowed to vote.
16-All government business is conducted only in Spanish
17-People entering Mexico illegally, will be actively hunted and when caught, sent to jail until deportation can be arranged. All assets of illegal immigrants are immediately confiscated.
18-Mexican authorities are ruthless when it comes to the treatment of illegal immigrants who enter their southern border, most of whom are from South and Central American trying to make their way to also enter illegally into the US. In the National Geographic February 2008 issue, there are well recorded proof of intimidation, rape, and assault by officials as well as regular Mexican citizens of these illegal aliens. The Red Cross, amongst many other organizations, has called attention to these horrible treatment of illegals. Mexico, unlike the US, has never granted mass amnesty to illegal aliens, as it is demanding that it be done by the US. Mexico, for several years has been ruthless with Cubans fleeing the Castro regime. They have even deported back to Cuba, political dissidents knowing that they would be immediately arrested or executed upon their return to Cuba. This is a violation of UN resolutions that support humane treatment and political asylum for those who flee their countries for their political believes and positions.


1-China has severe penalties for any illegal immigrants. North Koreans in particular, who regularly flee the horrible North Korean regime by crossing their border with China, when caught get a minimum of 12 years of hard labor, and in many cases are executed upon capture.
2-Illegal immigrant women are subject to rape and abuse, and then deported.
3-While Tibet is controlled by China, they are not allowed to travel freely in China.
4-Foreign companies must have a Chinese partner in order to do business in China.
5-Foreigners can not demonstrate, make political statements, demonstrate against the government or fly foreign flags.
6-Overall China also has terrible human rights record against its own citizens.


1-Anyone crossing the Venezuelan border illegally is branded a spy, subject to torture, jailing or worse.
2-Political demonstration by foreigners are prohibited and anyone caught doing it faces torture and jailing.
3-Criticizing the government or the president is also a crime and carries severe criminal penalties.
4-Venezuela also has severe limitations on foreign private business ownership.
5-Venezuela has a dismal human rights record of its own citizens.


1-Anyone who crosses the Iranian border illegally is detained indefinitely and often charged with spying, tortured and in some cases executed.
2-Iran prohibits any demonstrations by foreigners and imposes severe penalties for those caught doing it.
3-Criticizing the Iranian government is a major crime.
4-Iran also has a dismal record of according human rights to its citizens. Persecution and killing of protestors are common.

There are many other countries with similar dismal records of their treatment of illegal immigrants as well as human rights violations of their own citizens.

The questions that comes to mind and that should be asked of California, Illinois (they just recently prohibited a girl’s basketball team from traveling to a match in Arizona), Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austin, Texas, the US State Department who has promoted and allowed the Cuban musical group Van Van tour of the US (they are and have been Castro’s propaganda musicians for years), many US politicians, the Hollywood Elite, the Media Elite, and even President Obama, based on the dismal records of these countries regarding illegal immigrations and human rights are:

1-Are you going to boycott travel to Mexico, or importation of their products, or cultural exchanges because of their criminal treatment of illegal immigrants?
2-Are you going to boycott Chinese products, or stop cultural exchanges because of their criminal treatment of illegal aliens?
3-How about Venezuela. Are we going to stop trading with Venezuela and boycott their products?
4-Iran is developing nuclear weapons and economic sanctions are in a flux, would you boycott not only Iran, but those who trade and do business with Iran, not only because of it nuclear development, but also because of their treatment of illegal aliens?
5-Is the US State Department going to stop allowing pro-Castro groups like Van Van from touring the US?

Again, regardless of how anyone feels about the Arizona immigrations law, which, by the way, just enforces what is already Federal US law, and for that matter is not much different than California law (section 834b of the California Penal Code that deals with immigration law enforcement at the local level), is to also ask:

What do all these US cities, States, politicians, Elite Media, and Hollywood Elite, that are already boycotting Arizona (Illinois girl’s basketball team) or talking about boycotting Arizona going to do regarding their concern over the treatment of illegal aliens? If they are honest about their concerns they must and need to boycott all of these countries and their institutions as well as all other countries in the world who mistreat not only illegal immigrants but lack any human rights.

Unless they do that, and it is something that I doubt they will do, it shows that they are not only grandstanding, for either political reasons, pandering to an ethnic group, or disdain for our country and our economic system, but also using plain double standard and doubletalk, i.e. boycott Arizona, but turn a blind eye to all of these countries who are really mistreating and abusing illegal immigrants.

The real answer that will immediately start addressing the illegal immigration problem is to secure the US borders. enforce the federal laws already on the books, and prosecute all those (including businesses) who hire and exploit illegal immigrants. Once all of this is done, then what to do with the millions of illegals in the country can be addressed, but not before.
I also like to point out, that the majority of illegal immigrants, in particular from South Central America and Mexico, want to come to the US for a better future for them and their families because of the dismal and corrupted economies and governments of their countries. But this fact notwithstanding, the US is a country of laws and our laws should be complied with, respected, and enforced..In addition, there are some “agitators” among illegal immigrants that are actually damaging their cause. Displaying and flying Mexican flags, making “racist” remarks against Americans, violating several demonstration laws, including throwing objects at policemen and opposing groups and causing damage to private and public property is definitely viewed by most Americans as further violation of our laws. Interestingly, very rarely are these people arrested unless they actually cause personal injury to someone else, but were they to do it in their own countries they would be violently arrested, thrown in jail and charged with crimes.

It was also disgraceful and counterproductive for Mexican President Calderon to lecture and admonish the US on illegal immigrations issues. Not only because he is interfering on the internal affairs of our country, but because he is trying to demonize the US, and in particular the State of Arizona, while his own country abuses and mistreats illegal immigrants caught in Mexico. Unfortunately, President Obama and most Congressional Democrats and Obama’s Cabinet, jumped and applauded while Calderon was literally attacking the US and the American people in general during his address to Congress on May 20, 2010. We should all be, not only dismayed by this, but also dismayed by our President and leaders of Congress support for that blatant attack on the US, its people, laws, and sovereignty. It was a total insult and disrespect to our nation. Just imagine our President saying anything like that in Mexico, China, etc.

The bottom line is that, unfortunately, it appears that, based on statements by President Obama, Secretary of Justice Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, as well as Obama’s projected reduction of funds for border security on his 2011 budget, the border will continue to be violated freely, not only for those looking for a better future, but also by drug smugglers and potential terrorists,

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RaginCajunn writes:

I wonder what they would do to someone who took down the Mexican Flag from a government property flagpole and put it back up...UPSIDE DOWN and UNDERNEATH the flag of the USA... as just happened recently in AZ the other way around.

RaginCajunn writes:

...actually four years ago, but still.

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