No More Doubletalk by Victor Rios

As the Middle East regimes explode and threaten the stability of the world and in particular our economy security, due to a great exten,t to the fact that the US is the only country in the world with vast amounts of oil, gas and coal, plus the inventors of nuclear technology, who depend on all these dictators, as well as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, to keep the wheels of our economy going. The obsession with so-called Green Energy by the President will continue our dependence on foreign sources of energy and force us to continue dealing with Dictators and people that dislike us for years to come (green energy viability is not around the corner). Furthermore, this dependence forces the US to invest life and treasure to maintain that flow of energy without which our country economy cannot survive. Interestingly enough, Obama has provided billions of “borrowed” money guarantees to Petrobas of Brazil so that they can develop off-shore sources of oil, yet in the US Obama opposes drilling to protect the environment. You wonder if the environmental impact on the Earth, that he claims, is different in Brazil than in the US. Sounds like more doubletalk to me.

Obama’s recent behavior , first with Tunisia, then Egypt and now Libya reminds me of the legend of Emperor Nero in Rome. In the year 64 AD, a huge fire erupted in Rome, and legend has it, (since disputed by some historians), that as Rome burned, Nero played the Fiddle (which was impossible since the fiddle was invented a thousand years later or so),it was probably a Lyre, and sang some Lyrics. Obama is not playing the Fiddle or singing, but every day he makes a different statement, reading from his dual set of teleprompters (I guess that is s substitute for the Fiddle or Lyre) contradicting whatever he said the day before. It is also appalling that in 2009, when the Iranian opposition was revolting against the Ayatollahs, Obama stated that he did not want to comment on the issue, since he did not want to appear “meddling” on Iranian internal affairs. In addition within the last 2 weeks, the Iranian opposition tried also to demonstrate and they were crushed. Not much of a beep from Obama or his Secretary of State, the one and only Hillary Clinton. Obama seems to dance around the dictators of the Middle East and when they finally are about to fall he joins on the bandwagon, yet the Iranian regime is given a pass.

You must remember that when Obama was running in 2007/2008 to become President, even, then Senator and now Vice-President Biden, who was also running for the nomination for President, stated during one of the Democrat Party debates, that Obama had no clue about foreign policy. Even then Senator Hillary Clinton, and who was also running for the nomination, sort of mocked Obama’s knowledge or understanding of foreign policy issues. What we are seeing now from President Obama is the result of lack of foreign policy experience and ineptitude.

Many of my blog critics will again attack my opinion about Obama and his handling of the Middle East uprisings, yet on February 14, 2011, Harvard’s Niall Ferguson Schools MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski On Obama’s Handling Of Egypt expressed similar concerns.

Please, watch the attached video link and, amazingly, how Obama is being called to task to the surprise of the media people who are always defending him.

Someone didn’t do his/her homework and allowed Ferguson to deviate from the script he was handed at MSNBC. This is surely a one-off and a mistake they won’t allow to be repeated. I urge you to view this video now, before the dumbstruck folks on Morning Joe recover and MSNBC has it taken down.

If you have any problems watching the video ( It may be gone soon) here is an excerpt of what Ferguson had to say:

“I do think that the President regards making touchy-feely speeches as a substitute for having a strategy, and I want to emphasize the risks that are currently being run in that region. If you look at history – and remember, I’m a historian – most revolutions do not lead to happy-clappy democracies, but to periods of internal turmoil, often to periods of terror, and they also lead to external aggression because the simplest way to mobilize people in a relatively poor and not very well-educated country like Egypt is to point to the alleged enemy within and then, of course, the enemy abroad. The scenarios that the Israelis are looking at involve a transition not to some kind of peaceful and amicable democracy, but to a Muslim Brotherhood-dominated regime, which then pursues an aggressive policy towards Israel. This is not a zero-probability scenario, this is a high-probability scenario, and as far as I can see the President isn’t considering it.”

Those of you old enough to remember Jimmy Carter years as President, should remember what happened when the Shah of Iran, in 1979, was deposed by another “popular” uprising. Well, Iran went from a bad dictatorship to a ruthless Muslim Dictatorship. The proverbial fall from the “frying pan into the fire”, and that is the fear expressed by Ferguson and many others, since in Egypt, the only group that has an organization is the Muslim Brotherhood, and the only ones capable of mounting a serious campaign for the upcoming elections in Egypt in 6 months.

The bottom line is that lack of leadership by the President will make the enemies of our country more dangerous to the stability of the world and freedom of their people, while unfortunately turn off those who may be our friends and who are struggling in the Middle East for freedom and Human Rights (Iranian opposition included).

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