Presumptive GOP VP Nominee, Paul Ryan already under attack by Obama’s supporters.

No More Doubletalk by Victor Rios

Mr. Bruce Ramsay, and obvious President Obama supporter, already started smears and attacks against Mr. Paul Ryan, the presumptive VP nominee for the Republican Party. Mr. Ramsay accuses Mr. Ryan of telling half truths. Mr. Ramsey is also blaming Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell in a veiled way for the lack of budgets approved in the Senate, instead claiming that all that Senator Mr. McConnell does, is airing the fact that Mr. Obama should be a one term President. (more on this later)

Mr. Ramsay may need to review how the Budget process works. The President submits a budget, which then the House takes up and votes on it with whatever changes they like to see, then it goes to the Senate and there the Senators can modify it also and then reconcile it with the House version. Once that takes place, it goes to the President who has the option to approve or Veto it.

Mr. Ramsey claims that the Republican controlled the House in 2010 to 2012. Wrong! The Congressional 2010 elections resulted with the Republicans winning the House majority after the Democrats had it from 2007 (they won it in 2006) to 2010. The Republican House majority started in January 2011. Both in 2011 and 2012 the House Republicans approved a Budget and send it to the Senate. The Senate Majority Leaders, Senator Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada and who leads the Democrat Senate majority is responsible for getting the budget through the Senate. Something he has refused to do for all the budget cycles of the Obama administration. In other words, Mr. Ramsey claims, and I quote, “The Republicans senators failed to propose a budget that would have passed if just two Democrat joined them”. Again, Mr. Ramsey apparently, does not know the Senate legislative procedure. It is the Senate Majority Leader who decides what legislation comes to the floor. Since the Republican only have 47 Senators vs. the Democrats 51 plus the two Independent Senators, who vote with the Democrats, the Republicans had no legal way of bringing a budget to the floor for approval. In addition, the Republicans, even if they could have brought the budget for a vote would have needed 4 Democrat senators to pass it. Last I heard you need a 51 Senate majority to pass a budget, or at least a 50-50 split and the Vice-resident breaks the tied vote. Even if the Republican Senate Minority had had 4 Democrat Senators on their side, Majority Leader Reid would have had to schedule it for a vote in the floor, which he could have done, but never did.

Mr. Ramsey’s statements about the budget process do not pass the proverbial “smell test”. His accusation of Mr. Ryan for proposing Draconian cuts is parroting the misrepresentations typical of democrats. The fact is that Obamacare cuts $716 Billion of Medicare, claiming that these would be through “efficiencies”, in other words more smoke and mirrors. This cut will decimate doctors and hospital re-imbursements, and place a Panel of non-medical Washington Bureaucrats to decide who gets what care (much like is done now in the failed United Kingdom National health System). Mr. Ryan’s proposal, with Oregon Democrat Senator Ron Wyden support will keep all people that are currently 55 and older in the current Medicare system without a single penny cut for the rest of their lives. For younger people they will have an option to get government-funded private insurance. This “premium support model”, has been a bipartisan plan since 1999 offered and supported by Democrat Senators John Breaux. and Bob Kerry as part of the Clinton Medicare Commission which Mr. Clinton ignored (much in the same way that President Obama ignored the Bowles-Simpson Commission Budget deficit reduction plan, which also recommended similar reforms for Medicare, Social security and Medicaid). The Romney/Ryan-Wyden plan is essentially the same plan offered by the 1999 Clinton Medicare Reform Commission. However, the democrats have played the Medicare scare (Mediscare) for years. They keep on lying to seniors and we all know that Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid need to be reformed, otherwise they will be out of money within 10 years and then all current and future seniors and the poor will have no place to go. Unless those programs are reformed now, by the early 2020’s there will be nothing for those now under 65 as well as for those currently on Medicare. The reality is, that Obama plan (Obamacare) is really the one who will decimate Medicare and seriously destroy all the other entitlements. Romney/Ryan are showing a lot of courage in presenting to the American people the facts, instead of Obama and his Liberal democrats allies who continue kicking the ball down, scaring the senior and lying about the impending economic meltdown, so that they can get re-elected. Unless we take action now, while there is time to save the program, we all face a major economic debacle worse that even Greece.

In closing, Mr. Ramsey mocks Republican promises. Mr. Ramsey must suffer from “Liberal Amnesia”. Mr. Obama promised Immigration Reform, it did not happen even while he controlled the House and Senate for the first 2 years of his administration. Mr. Obama also promised open legislative process, yet Obamacare was passed behind closed doors and even House Majority Leaders, at the time, Democrat Nancy Pelosi said that you had to pass the bill before we all knew what was in it. Mr. Obama also promised that if the deficit was not cut in half, ( instead he almost quadrupled it, from $400 billion in 2008 to about $1.5 trillion every year of his administration, total over $5 trillion since winning in 2008) and unemployment below 6-7% by 2012, he would be a one term President. Mr. Ramsey claims that Republican Minority Leader Mr. McConnell keeps asking for this, yet, all. McConnell is asking is for Mr. Obama do as he promised the American people. Instead of keeping his promises, President Obama, since he cannot run on his record, is now resorting to what he does best, smearing his opponents with innuendos, and falsehoods. Mr. Ramsey, I have gotten to know Mr. Obama, and frankly I too do not believe he keeps his promises.

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