Severe weather speeds up production

You're not from around here, are you?

In preparting for our online coverage of Hurricane Wilma, we've added a number of new features to the storm editions of and Some of these are already in use, some we hope not to use and many we will be able to use in the future for other, non-severe weather stories.

• We've upgraded our weather page, adding maps, a marine forecast and weather reports for other Florida cities. All of these pieces (other than the Wilma maps, of course) will continue to be included on the page, along with a few other new pieces in the near future.

• We're producing weekend Southwest Florida News podcasts. It's important that our readers get the latest news in whatever format they prefer, every day in a situation like this.

• We've created video galleries for the clips produced by our staff. Photos are great, but we know some readers really want to see videos of the area's preparations and reactions to Wilma. These new galleries give you one page containing all of our clips in a variety of formats. You can download Windows Media or Quicktime versions (the latter of which work on video iPods and PSPs) or watch the Quicktime versions on the site. This is a feature that definitely will be sticking around in the future.

• We're publishing blogs, though you've probably realized that since you're reading one. This is the first, but we plan on having reporters and residents start blogging about Wilma soon. We also have a handful of residents who will be writing blogs after Wilma has moved beyond the area.

&#8226; Last, but far from least, we changed the favicon (the graphic in the address bar at the top of your browser). Unfortunately, the way we make that little picture show up isn't recognized by Internet Explorer. If you're using IE, I'm sorry &#8212; sorry that you can't see the image and sorry that you're using Internet Explorer (I suggest upgrading to Firefox). Here's what the favicon looks like, for those of you who can't see it: <img src="/media/img/wilma.gif" alt="Wilma Flintsone" />

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