Barack Obama has learned the Saul Alinsky lessons well

Personally Speaking by Sam Person

If Barack Obama is not the worst President in American history, he certainly comes close – indeed, it can also be argued that he is the first whose policies and attitudes are tearing the country apart.

Barack Obama came to the Presidency because of his personality and oratorical ability. When his supporters pushed him forward, they may have believed that he could attain office without any experience other than that of a community organizer and sometime law school faculty member. Perhaps they did not think it mattered. Unfortunately, it does.

An individual is an expression of his or her background, education, and associates – and in Obama’s case, there is much evidence to indicate who he really is.

He is a disciple of Saul Alinsky, a community organizer and author of “Rules for Radicals,” a guidebook for those who seek to disrupt the established order. His Pastor for over twenty years was the notorious Rev. Jeremiah Wright – whose disdain for America is abundantly clear. Despite Obama’s denials, he was friends with William Ayers, who sought to cause serious physical harm to our country.

By his actions and behavior in office, Barack Obama’s real character has surfaced, and he has demonstrated that he learned the lessons of Alinsky well. The ways in which his character traits have manifested are too numerous to mention, but some are worth noting.

-Obama’s arrogance is beyond belief, and is displayed when he insults and publicly ridicules all who confront him, including members of the Supreme Court and Congressional leaders.

-Some of Obama’s cabinet choices and “czars” have attracted attention for the wrong reasons.

-At a time that his popularity sinks to serious lows, and his reelection seems in jeopardy, Obama appears to have decided upon a campaign strategy that relies upon inciting class and racial warfare.

-He fancies himself as a “warrior for the middle class,” but his scale of ostentatious living sends a wrong message to the financially troubled people in our country – and is hardly the way the middle class lives.

-He proposed a “Jobs Bill” which would raise taxes on so-called “billionaires and millionaires.” Yet, after shilling for the Obama bill, Warren Buffet indicated that he did not agree with the extent to which the plan would reach down the income ladder. For sure, the tax raises will impact small business owners, and in due course, will affect the entire middle class.

This bill was an Obama-inspired diversion to afford him an opportunity to blame Republicans for the inevitable defeat of poorly conceived legislation.

-Then came the “Occupy Wall Street” protests that have been supported - financially and otherwise - by the left, and given tacit approval by Obama.

This was yet another episode of taking attention away from Obama’s failed policies. It has also become clear that there is an effort to confuse the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements for the sake of giving creditability to the former at the expense of the latter. However, that will fail with Americans possessed of common sense.

Over the years of Obama’s ascendancy, numerous other examples of Alinsky’s influence are apparent, consistent with the theory of “not letting a serious crisis go to waste.”

It is not difficult to imagine that had Saul Alinsky enjoyed the substantial support of the media that Obama does, America might have become a European-type Socialist state a long time ago.

President Obama’s motives in failing to encourage confidence, as well as failing to calm public fear and concern are difficult to fathom, but in any case, his words and deeds are tearing the country apart.

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