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Upon taking the oath of office, a President of the United States swears to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Perhaps a president should also embrace a provision set forth in the Hippocratic oath taken by physicians; namely, he or she should pledge to “Do No Harm.”

Doing no harm is simple enough language, but rather profound in execution. President Barack Obama needs to heed that philosophy - for he has done substantial harm to our country in the guise of “hope and change.”

-He does harm in setting classes of Americans against each other – which has the potential to cause riots in the streets. This is expressed in such matters as his constant and meaningless beating upon the so-called “Billionaires, Millionaires, and Corporate Jet Owners.” Such language is highly inappropriate considering the way he flaunts the perks of presidential office and enjoys high living at a time of economic chaos.

-He does harm by calling on others for “civility,” while he is mute over the lack of civility expressed by his associates and supporters.

-He does harm to the Constitution he swore to uphold when he ignores the legislative process and implements policy by fiat. Additionally, he does harm by minimizing the nature of our Constitutional structure of three separate and co-equal branches of government - as has been manifest on more than one occasion. These attitudes give reason to wonder what kind of Constitutional law the former Law Professor taught.

-He does harm when he bows to foreign leaders and espouses foreign policy positions that minimize our standing in the world. His actions have become a showcase of talk, and appeasement. To a large extent foreign leaders he seeks to impress ignore his words.

-He does harm when he scoffs at America’s unemployed, as happened when he joked before TV cameras that his plan for “shovel-ready” jobs was “not as shovel-ready as thought.”

-He does harm to our country by reckless spending – as evidenced on a seemingly minor – but telling - use of taxpayer funds (at least partially) to go on a 500-mile vacation trip utilizing two airplanes and two motorcades. (This is not to mention the purchase of two buses made in Canada costing $2 Million for a three-day trip to the Midwest.)

-He does harm by all he has done to espouse “One World” concepts – setting the corrupt UN up as arbiter of world problems despite its despicable record.

-He does harm by allowing the economic crisis to worsen, continuing to rely on failed policies while refusing to consider alternatives despite the ballyhoo that he alone is willing to compromise.

-He does harm by constantly blaming his predecessors in office, the opposing political party, and/or all sorts of external events as excuses for troubled economic times that accelerated on his watch. In this regard, he deflects responsibility despite the fact that for a good deal of his time in office he had overwhelming majorities of his own party in Congress.

-He does harm by the image he conveys at a time of high unemployment - offering excuses instead of solutions.

-He does harm by failing to use the presidential “Bully Pulpit” to inspire confidence, preferring instead to use teleprompters to give endless talks that essentially weaken confidence.

I am not a “terrorist” or racist,” nor do I spew hate. As an American, I was proud when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier - which did as much to further the cause of civil rights as any other single act in our history. And I was proud when George W. Bush brought Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice into his cabinet.

President Barack Obama’s monumental arrogance, his lack of real-world experience, and his apparent lack of historical perspective both in national and foreign matters are all disturbing to me.

In the final analysis, my opposition to Obama has everything to do with the harm his policies are doing to our country – essentially violating the spirit of his oath of office.

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