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The relative silence surrounding the Occupy Wall Street “Movement” was somewhat shattered last week by the most recent inane utterance of Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (who is also the DNC chairlady), speaking in New Hampshire.

Wasserman-Schultz placed blame on the Tea Party for the tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona, last year. Her comments necessitate a reminder of what the two groups are about, and which one is more of a threat to the public order and well-being.

Individuals who have observed the two groups over the past two or so years are well aware of the nature of the Tea Party, and the manner in which it conducts its business – and should be just as aware of the impact and tactics of the Occupy Movement.

As to the Tea Party, the group has tended to avoid violence and leave venues it uses for gatherings in virtual pristine condition when it is done with an event.

On the other hand, the Occupy crowds have desecrated public property, closed ports, fouled its gathering places, interfered with economic progress, made life difficult for the “99%” it ostensibly serves, and otherwise been a public nuisance.

The Tea Party has never posed a physical threat and it is not likely to – not so the Occupy Movement. As the heat of the 2012 election campaign will increase, it is not out of the question that the violent and/or criminal actions of the Occupy Movement will rear up again – considering the source of its support.

Occupy supporters include all types who hardly qualify as “99%ers.” This group includes entertainment celebrities, and political personages – including President Barack Obama and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. After all, the President’s ”living the high life” is well known. By the same token, Pelosi raves about the Occupy Movement’s “common man” approach all the way from her very upscale “digs” in San Francisco to her $10,000 a night suite in Hawaii this past Christmas Holiday.

Needless to say, unions will also be part of the activity that will emerge with warmer weather – and in their wake, chaos will likely follow. It will also come to pass that the financial support of various organizations funded by noted liberals hell-bent on re-electing Obama will add their voice.

Danger will confront American voters if Barack Obama continues to cater to the Occupy Movement. The Movement will bolster the racial and class warfare overtones that have become the hallmark of Obama’s re-election effort. Nor should it go unnoticed that the President himself has encouraged violence more than once: for example, his classic un-Presidential “They bring a knife, we bring a gun.”

It is not inconceivable that some outspoken critics might well encourage unintended violence by their rhetoric. Among these could well be the likes of Professor Cornel West (soon to be affiliated with Union Theological Seminary), who has said that ‘the push for more entitlements is going to be fought in the streets." These are not words to be dismissed lightly as the drive to create an entitlement state continues. (Professor West has a long history with the Occupy Movement. and is hardly a shrinking violet.)

Then there is Van Jones (former “Green Jobs Czar” for President Obama), who last September stated that the “progressive fight back is coming in October.” It is possible that he also had October 2012 in mind as the election campaign peaks.

Consider also that the very Democrats and Liberals who espouse the Occupy Movement have proven – once again – what hypocrites they are. After all, they have taken the position that Occupy “encampments’ will not be tolerated in Charlotte, NC - site of the Wasserman-Schultz led Democrat National Committee convention next summer.

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MIOCENE (Inactive) writes:

I will admit that it was dumb for D.W.S to blame the tea party for the shooting in Arizona.

Regardless; most of Person's letter is tit-for-tat gossip; like the meaningless stagnant rubbish which we hear coming out of the mouths of Hannity and Limbaugh most every day about President Obama.

Here are some examples of why the tea party types are irrational and will only make matters worse:

The t.p. Types deny any Separation Between Church And State; yet are the first ones to howl when a Muslim cleric wants to include Sharia Law in our Judicial System.

Catholic tea party types support the bishops; who in turn encourage illegal immigration which leads to more poor and dependent people; leading to higher taxes for entitlements.

Tea party types wish to deny funds to Planned Parenthood, then complain about big government social programs for the expanding population poor which drives up their taxes.

Most tea party types fight to overturn Roe v Wade which would lead to more Socialism and more big government programs to care for millions of dependent babies and their penniless mothers.

Most tea party types condemn the availability of birth control and Sex Education, then complain about the Social programs needed to care for millions of unplanned births.

The tea party types claim to be against GOVERNMENT INTRUSION;
-but the t.p. would have no problem with Government intrusion if it came to :
1. Forcing Americans to accept Christian symbols on public property.
2. Forcing Americans to speak English (good idea, however)
3. Forcing all pregnant women to give birth.
4. Shoving Creationism and religion down our throats and into our public schools.
5. Creating a marriage definition that excludes gays

The whole tea party movement is one of contradictions.

The answer is rational, moderate government; not people like Gov. Perry doing Christian rain dances; preaching "personal responsibility" by holding an aspirin between one's knees (santorum) or "rediscovering GOD"; a phrase which means "all things to all men".

Do not vote for tea party types. They are irrational; and regardless of their fiscal rantings; in the end; America will succeed only in being the holiest nation in the economic cemetery.


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