Need a Grill?

Red Sox Spring Training

So imagine the team and the media's surprise when, just as the Red Sox clubhouse opened after batting practice, Tony and Mike were talking about the $4,000 grill Manny Ramirez is selling on eBay on tonight's "PTI."

David Ortiz went berserk, laughing and yelling for Manny, while Mike Lowell, Eric Hinske and virtually every other set of eyes in the clubhouse turned toward the TVs. Needless to say, laughs all around. Ramirez emerged from the dining area later and, between smiles, said, "I'm a businessman!"

If you're interested in the grill...oh, come on, nobody's REALLY interested in the grill, you just have to see it to believe it -- go to eBay, then type "Manny Ramirez grill" into the search box. I'd post the link, but it's loooong. Current bid's up to $4,950, but hey, you get an autographed ball!

By the way, the Sox just took a 3-0 lead on Mike Lowell's homer to left to start the 2nd inning. Ramirez drove in a run on a double play ball in the first, then J.D. Drew had an RBI single off Glenn Perkins.

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