The Waiting Game

So Much Drama in the EOC

With Wilma still hours from landfall and looking less likely to cause major damage to Lee County, staffers at the Lee EOC try to find ways to pass the time.
Some try to catch a few fleeting minutes of sleep in offices and cubbies. Others make small talk about plans for the coming weeks and months.
The most heated discussion focuses around who makes the better boss on "The Apprentice," Donald or Martha. Donald wins, hands down.
Just as she did while stalling around the Yucatan, Wilma ratcheted up the tension by doing nothing at all. As the storm cruises toward shore, the chances of a Lee County landfall continue to drop.
But everyone here is keenly aware of just how quickly a storm can turn. Hurricane Charley's abrupt twist to the right took it off course from the original predicted landfall near Tampa and deposited its wrath on Lee and Charlotte counties.
Wobbles can happen. Tracks can change.
Wilma has proven remarkably consistent with tracking models since she left Mexico. A Marco Island area landfall continues to look likely.
Lee County residents likely won't experience anything like Charley this time around. National Weather Service meteorologist Daniel Noah said only the coasts will get the big winds.
Local television crews struggle to find something new to report from the EOC, pulling a seemingly endless string of sound bites from the various official sources mulling about.
Real work is being done. Logistics crews work to make sure supplies are ready for distribution. Weather experts constantly monitor the most recent data.
But everything seems to move at a much slower pace than just a few hours ago when new weather forecasts brought a flurry of activity. Now plans are adjusted and the waiting game starts again.

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