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I will write things that some of you only think about but are afraid to vocalize for fear of being criticized; or things that irritate you because those opinions run contrary to your ideas. I will present a view of the issues that will stimulate or aggravate you depending on which side of the political isle you sit: Liberal or Conservative. Subjects will cover a wide range of things, from the economy and corporate America, to the unpleasant side of politics and politicians; and for balance, discussions of human nature: kindness and selfishness that will evoke a response. Letters to the Editor of the Naples Daily News that I have written for over a dozens years, that have been most popular, may be resurrected and/or updated. My objective is to stimulate you to investigate and obtain the facts and the truth, on your own, in order to make intelligent decisions about our future. Accepting what you are told, or not told, is not acceptable for democracy to prevail. Everyone must get involved. I will write my honest opinions, albeit a conservative view; and discuss realty of life as it appears to me. One thing will be certain; this Blog should never be boring.