A Bazarro World?

Steve DeFillippo’s Point of View

A Bazarro World?

If you can be honest with yourself, you will admit that there are many things in your sphere of humanity that are too outrageous to believe as being real or in fact, happening!

It matters not what your political persuasion, religious beliefs, or your logical expertise; craziness is around; all of us. But how do we cope with this insanity, this Bazarro behavior?

I wish I had a good answer; but only the observations and questions that ensue from such mysterious behavior. Perhaps you can summon some counteraction before we are all doomed to accept Bazarro behavior as the norm!

Let me start with some observations of those things I feel defy understanding, that are mysterious in there nature, conjure an aura of disbelief. Let’s also consider those people who disappoint us who deserve more from our support and encouragement.

Defying Logic:

• If one person is offended a law is enacted to govern 300 million citizens
• Voting for a law without reading it or worse, not understanding it; i.e. healthcare

Defying Reason:

• Illegal immigrants demanding rights afforded only to USA citizens
• Muslims demanding Sharia Law be the law that governs them in the USA

Defying Intelligence:

• Nancy Pelosi’s outlandish statements, whenever she speaks; without shame
• Harry Reid speaking as though he knows what he is saying; without a conscientious

Defying Promises:

• John Boehner who cannot get his act together or perform to our expectations
• John McCain whose platform was high; but his performance less than desired by his supporters

Defying Religion:

• Radical Muslims who profess to be pious but kill innocent people in the name of their God
• Muslims who silently admit these radicals are evil; yet are afraid to openly speak out and help eradicate the evil doers from harming innocent people
• Opting for abortion rather than allowing adoption of an infant to deserving persons who will love and care for the infant

Defying Humanitarian Efforts:

• Giving a hand out, rather than a hand up to beneficiaries who then abuse the system that helps them
• Lacking enough safeguards to prevent fraudulent claims and to subsequently punish Welfare and Medicaid thieves

Defying the Nations Trust:

• Barack Obama who lacks leadership; and contradicts himself, relentlessly
• Journalists who betray their code of ethics and disguise their biased reporting

Defying Expectations:

• George Bush did great protecting us from terrorists; but failed us economically
• Foreign aid to our “enemies” is condoned; even though these countries hate us and work against us

Defying Law:
• Eric Holder dancing around his failings and avoiding accountability
• Congresspersons who blatantly lie to cover up misdeeds; with impunity

Defying Justice:

• Covering up or delaying explanations and accountability for the fiasco of Benghazi, NSA and the infamous IRS scandals
• The public that does not show enough outrage to demand justice for this dastardly conduct of Government officials

What has this country come to when reason and justice takes a back seat to that which is evil, irresponsible and selfish conduct?

What was honorable, morally correct and had social value seems to have been misdirected over the past several generations. We cannot as a nation help every worthy cause in the world because the price we pay is too high: shedding the blood of our courageous military.

We must resolve to get back to ethical and moral standards and family values if we are to survive as a nation. We need to re-establish civilized behavior and etiquette as the norm that will afford us some opportunity to be a great country again. I would hope you agree?

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rlberkley writes:

First of all, the word you were looking for is "bizarre," not "bazaar," which is a marketplace. Now that we know that you are barely literate, we can approach your Fox News view of the world. Rather than take it all on, a job for which I just don't have time, let's look at the ACA act and the Constitution.

The Affordable Care Act was passed by both Houses of Congress, signed by the duly elected President of the United States, and reviewed and upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States. That is the way the Constitution defines the process. To repeal any law, all one has to do is win a couple of elections, pass the repeal through both Houses of Congress and have it signed by the President of the United States.

What the Tea Party Terrorists want to do is supersede the Constitution of the United States by holding the entire country hostage so it can negate the results of elections, and a Supreme Court decision. This is simply terrorism and treason.

There is nothing to negotiate. You want the ACA abolished? Follow the Constitution and win elections to do it.

The rest of what you have written is just right wing claptrap. Read a newspaper, watch something other than Fox. What most Tea Party Terrorists are angriest about is that after 4 1/2 years, Barack Obama is still black. Sorry children, he won by 5 million votes. That's no fluke, that's math. Deal with it.

MIOCENE (Inactive) writes:

"What was honorable in America was lost.....over the past several generations."

Ok Steve. Let's go back several generations and look at the social value of America:

Up until the 1970s when a thirteen year old who was raped by her uncle or the family friend was forced to choose between giving birth; or an unsafe abortion.

In the 1920s when children as common as age nine were forced to work long hours in factories at the mercy of the sexual desires of co-workers.
When our armed forces were segregated.

In the 1930's, 40's and 50's when organized crime ran the largest cities; and literally OWNED the judges and politicians.
Before the 1970's when if a man beat his wife; it was HER fault.

In the 1800's when alcohol flowed so freely in the adult and teen population that America was dubbed the “Alcoholic Republic”.

When cocaine was commonly used as a “home remedy”, advertised in respectable magazines, and beer was used to make babies fall asleep faster.

When "Chinese and dogs are not welcome".
When a Catholic was discouraged from holding public office.

When women were kept out of the voting booth because men thought women were too irrational to vote, and women were denied equal rights in the workplace.

Up to the 1970’s when our mentally ill rotted in mental institutions like Willowbrook; sexually and physically abused, neglected; and nobody cared.

Before Labor Unions when the average worker sweated his life away in a twenty-dollar suit; no pensions, no Social Security. You worked until you couldn’t walk or you dropped dead.

Up to 1965; before Medicare; when a sick grandparent wiped out the family’s meager life savings.

Before the 1980's when it was "open season" on children for priests, and sex with underage girls was "hushed up" and not talked about.

The carnage of Civil War: Over 650 thousand dead Americans; devastation in the South and thousands more left with chronic pain resulting in the greatest explosion of drug addiction in American History. (pain killers)

Before the Triangle Shirtwaist fire when American workers were locked in sweatshops.
When Blacks were routinely kept in ghettos and out of the N.Y.C. Fire Department.

Up until the late 60s when we were still lynching Blacks and Mexicans as part of Saturday night recreation in the Bible Belt.

When Italians were lynched in the Bible Belt just because they were Italian.
When Chinese and American Indians were routinely beaten up, crippled or murdered; and no body cared; except for the Chinese and Indians.

When Schwrner, Goodman and Chaney had to be murdered in order to bring voting rights to Black people in Mississippi.

When a woman was considered the "property" of her husband.

Keep in mind Steve that back in the so-called 'good-old-days' even Andy Griffith was divorced twice.

If you had any perspective STEVE; you would see that America is greater NOW then it ever has been.


MIOCENE (Inactive) writes:

"Radical Muslims who profess to be pious but kill innocent people in the name of their God"

You see; Steve DEFILLIPO:

Around 800ce Emperor Charlemagne cut off the heads of most everyone in Europe who wouldn't convert to Christianity.
SO: If you are Italian, Irish, Spanish, French, Polish, German, English, Russian or descended from anyone in Eastern Europe:
you now know why you are today a Christian and "profess to be pius".

So you see: Christianity is ALSO a religion written in BLOOD. It's just that it happened a long time ago giving us the appearance of respectability in the present; since the true god is always a function of the most prolific; and the true religion always travels with the strongest army.


MIOCENE (Inactive) writes:

"Muslims who silently admit these radicals are evil; yet are afraid to openly speak out..."

Reminds me of an Irish immigrant I know. When I asked her about the I.R.A she said Shhhhh!

We don't talk about them over there.

Apparently, from what I gathered; and from visiting Ireland; the average Irishman is more afraid of the I.R.A. then they are of the British soldier.

How brave would YOU be STEVE?

MIOCENE (Inactive) writes:

"Illegal immigrants demanding rights afforded only to USA citizens."
We should have started throwing them out years ago, but we were too busy being obsessed with sex in the Oval Office and Monica's semen stained dress. We chose our priorities; and got exactly what we bargained for.

"Opting for abortion rather than allowing adoption of an infant to deserving persons who will love and care for the infant"
Ok Steve. We have a baby here in Texas born to a penniless mother who gave birth because they closed the abortion clinic nearby.
We will be happy to drop the child off at your house so you can "love and care for the infant".


MIOCENE (Inactive) writes:

"Muslims demanding Sharia Law be the law that governs them in the USA"

Can you BLAME them?

The WISE have been telling you all along that if you open the FRONT DOOR of government to Christianity, then THE MUSLIMS will sneak in through the BACK DOOR.

So: The best way to keep Sharia Law out of America is by keeping Christian Zealots from introducing THEIR Prayers and religion into the Government Arena.

If you DON'T; then the Muslims will play by the same rules turning America into a religious battleground.

When you open the FRONT door to Christianity, you had better watch the BACK door; or the wrong dogs are liable to come home.

Again: We are getting EXACTLY what we deserve.


MIOCENE (Inactive) writes:

"George Bush did great protecting us from terrorists"

DID he now!
When George Bush brought down Iraq; he upset the balance of power in the Middle East; letting Iran out of its cage.

Now a whole terrorist nation is on the verge of having an atomic bomb.

Your short-sighted on this Steve. All the holy-rolling Bush did on the "evil" Saddam did nothing but set the stage for placing the ultimate weapon of destruction in the hands of terrorists.

Maybe in George W. Bush's twisted Evangelistic Mind; he WANTED a nuclear Iran in order to usher in that Armageddon and Lake of Fire predicted in that silly Book of Revelation.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least. Religious nuts don't only wear masks and veils . Some of them also wear three-piece suits, skirts; and pray to Jesus.


MIOCENE (Inactive) writes:

"Covering up or delaying explanations and accountability for the fiasco of Benghazi"

What happened at Benghazi is nothing new to America.

1) On January 31, 1968, the US embassy at Saigon (South Vietnam) was attacked, killing diplomats who had to fight for themselves.
2) One person was killed when the US embassy at Phnom Penh, Cambodia was attacked on September 26, 1971.
3) A US marine was wounded when Communists in Manila attacked the American diplomatic mission in 1972.
4) On August 19, 1974, the US ambassador and his assistant were killed by a sniper in a riot outside the country’s embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus.
5) On Nov 4, 1979, US embassy at Tehran was attacked and country’s 52 diplomats were taken hostage by a group of pro-Revolution students and hardliners. The Iran hostage crisis continued for 444 days till January 20, 1981.
7) On Nov 21, 1979, a mob attacked US embassy in Islamabad, killing two American diplomats.
8) On April 18, 1983, a car bomb attack on US embassy at Beirut claimed 63 lives, including 17 Americans.
9) On Dec 12, 1983, a truck bomb exploded outside US embassy at Kuwait, killing six people.
10) On September 20, 1984, a Hezbollah truck bomb outside the US embassy at Beirut killed 24 people, including two Americans.
11 In Nov 1984, a car bomb outside the US embassy at Bogota (Columbia) killed one person.

You see STEVE: Back in those days we didn’t blame the other political party when the enemy attacked us. We blamed the enemy.

STEVE: "The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know."

MIOCENE (Inactive) writes:

"Covering up or delaying explanations and accountability for the fiasco of Benghazi"

Benghazi comes under the heading of "CHIT HAPPENS"; along with:

The U-2 incident
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
The Battle of the Bulge
Disaster at Tarawa
The USS Indianapolis
Pearl Harbour
Friendly fire
The Beirut 1983 bombing of the Marine Barracks.
Halsey steering the fleet into a typhoon
-and many, many more including why bad things happen to good people.

Under every administration; CHIT happens, and people die. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN STEVE?

Benghazi won't even make the history books; if it does; it will only be in the event that it somehow improved Muslim-Western relations in the future; in that Muslim Countries begin to realize the importance of "separation between church and state; and perhaps make Muslim Nations more "responsible" for the safety of foreign embassies.

Other then that: In the grand scheme of things; except for a select few and the survivors, NO ONE REALLY CARES about what happened at Benghazi.

The only ones bringing it up are Conservatives; who supposedly had GOD on their side; and in all their moral righteousness; couldn't win an election against what Limbaugh described as “the worst President since Jimmy Carter".

This constant "whining" on the Right reflects nothing more then the death throes of the once great Republican Party.


MIOCENE (Inactive) writes:

"If one person is offended a law is enacted to govern 300 million citizens"

I wonder what Steve means here.
Maybe that Protestants can no longer discrimate against Catholics; and Catholics can no longer discriminate against everyone.

MIOCENE (Inactive) writes:

"Lacking enough safeguards to prevent fraudulent claims and to subsequently punish Welfare and Medicaid thieves"
Good point.

"Congresspersons who blatantly lie to cover up misdeeds; with impunity"
Nothing new here; been going on for over 200 years.

"-reason and justice takes a back seat to that which is EVIL-"
I love it when conservatives use the term "EVIL". Sean Hannity is good for this overuse of the term
I thought Joseph Mengela and Shiro Ishii were "EVIL".

What would you do with our "EVIL" officials Steve? Put them on trial or execute them for being "EVIL" along with the "Bit-h of Buchenwald?

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