We're Underway

Super Bowl blog

Apparently, someone forgot to tell all these Steelers fans that this is Raymond James Stadium, not Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

The way things are going so far, it may as well be Heinz Field -- the Steelers fans dominate the stadium if not by sheer numbers than by their noise and constant waving of gold flags.

Pittsburgh is also dominating on the field. The Steelers came just inches short of a touchdown on their first drive, until a challenge overturned Ben Roethlisberger's run, and they're about to score again.

This could get ugly if Arizona's offense can't get going.

And speaking of that, the Cards have gone to Immokalee native Edgerrin James often early. Edge got the ball on Arizona's first play, but he was bottled up early for no gain. On his next carry, there was a foul-up on the hand-off from Kurt Warner, and James dropped the ball before recovering it and struggling back to the line of scrimmage.

Better luck next time, because Roethlisberger just barrelled through the end zone, and this time there was nothing to challenge.

They're shouting "Let's Go Steelers" in here. Think maybe I'll catch a Penguins game later this week. Oh ... wait ... we aren't in Pittsburgh?

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