That's Why He's the Boss

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Please excuse me while I wipe this look of astonishment and enraptured smile off of my face ...

I mean, just when you think you can't be wowed anymore, that nothing can make you feel like a kindergarten kid who just saw Santa ... Bruce Springsteen plays 12 minutes at the Super Bowl that (almost) makes you forget about James Harrison's incredible 100-yard touchdown return that put the Steelers up 17-7 going into the half.

I might be exaggerating, but the halftime show was simply amazing. Makes you see why they've been trying to get Bruce and the band to the Super Bowl for years. He came out with incredible energy, played the kind of music everybody can enjoy and sing along to -- the kind of music that makes you proud to be an American and watching football -- even though Springsteen himself doesn't always agree with our some of our nation's policies or watch football.

Here's the set order: Tenth Avenue Freezeout, Born to Run, Working on a Dream and Glory Days -- and perhaps the most impressive thing -- at age 59, Springsteen sounds absolutely as good live as he does on his albums.

Good special effects as well and presentation -- lots of fireworks that were well-synchonized with the music. It's tough to pack a concert into 12 minutes, but Springsteen left us feeling (somewhat) satisfied.


Pretty even first half, until Harrison intercepted Warner on a slant pass in the endzone and outran everybody to the other end (Fitzgerald and Breaston were the last pursuers) to make it 17-7 Steelers.

Until then, the Cards were driving and looked to be on the doorstep of making it 14-10. But that's football, I guess, and that's why Harrison was NFL defensive player of the year.

James had a fairly solid half -- only got 10 yards on four attempts but had three receptions for 26 yards as well, including two in a row on the Cards TD drive.

With the Steelers all over Larry Fitzgerald, it opened some opportunities for James. But he flubbed up in the next drive, getting called for a chop block and dropping a pass on third down and 22.

James has started the second half a little better, with a 9-yard run on the second play of the half. He'll have to keep getting some yards on the ground to open things up for Warner and Fitzgerald in the air.

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