They Asked Him What?!?

Super Bowl blog

The kind of questions and answers that result when every media member imaginable, including celebrities, get a chance to ask questions to NFL players ... the following are with Immokalee native Edgerrin James from this morning's Arizona Cardinals media day.

Q: You're really great. What do you do to maintain your greatness?

A: Laughs. I just try to outwork everyone, I guess.

Q: What do you think about what happened in 1944 (when the Chicago Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers merged for a season and went 0-10)?

A: 1944? Man, I wasn't even born then.

Q: You seem like you're in very good shape. What do you eat to stay in such good shape? Do you eat better than you used to?

A: I don't know; maybe.

Q: What is your favorite health food?

A: I just eat whatever ... whatever my momma (Immokalee native Julie James) cooks me.

Q: There are still some people saying the Cardinals don't have a chance. How do you feel about being such an underdog?

A: "I'm an African American, man. We're always the underdog.

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