Deion Still Loves the Fort

Super Bowl blog

Deion Sanders has traveled far from his home in Fort Myers, but he doesn't want anyone to forget where he's from. Here's what "Neon Deion" had to say about his hometown at Tuesday's Media Day in Tampa ...

"What's it like to be back home?" a reporter asked him on Tuesday morning.

"I'm not home. I'm not from Tampa; I'm from Fort Myers," the former cornerback responded, emphasizing the last two words.

And later ...

"I wouldn't say (Southwest Florida) produces so many NFL players, but the ones they do produce are successful," Sanders said. "I wouldn't trade my parenting, my coaches and my upbringing there for anything."

As for fellow NFM football star and current WVA Mountaineer Noel Devine, whom Sanders attempted to mentor and adopt in the summer of 2005.

"I never stopped caring about (Devine) or being there for him ... I just want to see him mature as a football player and as a man."

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