Trick it Up

Super Bowl blog

The Arizona Cardinals have kept things interesting this season with frequent trick plays. Why are these trick plays so important -- and will the Cardinals run one in the Super Bowl?

Here's what head coach Ken Whisenhunt and quarterback Kurt Warner had to say about their team's frequent flea flickers ...

"It's more about when it's called as opposed to what you're doing," Whisenhunt said. "The thing we've done in the past is having the best criteria as far as when to run the play."

"As a quarterback you always want to be in control, and in trick plays it's kind of hit or miss," Warner said. "They've been important for us, but it's like I told the coaches last week: I'm happy we had (the trick plays) in there, but I never would've called them."

"Those are the plays I want to throw out every week."

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