Ben's Got a Grip -- He Hopes

Super Bowl blog

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger discusses the newly designed football for this year's Super Bowl and what it takes to break it in ...

"I was just talking to our equipment guys, and I told them we should break these 12 balls in. They looked at me and said, 'Tweleve balls? No, it's 54.' They've had a lot to break in."

"It's tough because, as you said, they do have the big logo on them and it's not the easiest thing to grip in the world and we're the only position that has to deal with it on a consistent basis."

"So we've been working on them and getting them ready. I'm sure (Cardinals QB) Kurt (Warner) will have his gloves on, which I did in the first game (Super Bowl XL), and it helps a bit."

"For me, it's just going to be an adjustment beacuse my hands will be sweating for the first time in probably three months or so."

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