So Long from Super Bowl Day 3

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A few observations from Day 3 at Super Bowl XLIII

1. Why do they keep it so cold in the media room? Are they worried all these sportswriters will start sweating and create a body odor problem?

2. How many times can Ken Whisenhunt answer the question about coaching for the Steelers in the past?

3. How many times can Mike Tomlin answer the question about Ken Whisenhunt coaching for the Steelers in the past?

4. How many times will someone ask Edgerrin James how he felt when he lost his starting job to Tim Hightower?

5. How many times will James refuse to address if he's coming back to Arizona next season?

6. How many more reporters and/or football players will slip in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, the Cardinals' team hotel where the slippery when wet sign doesn't seem to do its job?

7. What will I forget in the media center today?

8. How many total bags of Fritos and Lay's potato chips -- the available food for the media at the media center -- will the Tampa Convention Center go through this week?

9. Next time someone asks him about being a big underdog against the Steelers, will Ken Whisenhunt finally let loose a blood-curdling scream?

10. Is this why everyone keeps asking him this question three days in a row?

We'll see if we can make it four tomorrow, as well as attending press conferences with National Anthem singer Faith Hill and Halftime show artist Bruce Springsteen.

I don't know about you, but I think I was Born to Run now ...

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