Football Meets Rock 'n' Roll

Super Bowl blog

Well this was an interesting sight. Speechless sportswriters.

But that's what happened at today's entertainment press conferences, where even jaded writers seemed a bit starstruck by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and Faith Hill and John Legend.

Faith Hill and John Legend, who will perform before the Super Bowl, were down-to-earth at this afternoon's press conference.

"I was scared to death," Hill said, remembering singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta in 2000.

The Mississippi native turned Nashville native is now a big Tennessee Titans fan -- along with singer husband Tim McGraw, but she said she'll be rooting for the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday after kicking off the game by singing America the Beautiful.

"I'm a football fan," Hill said. "I'd probably be a widow during the season if I wasn't."


Bruce Springsteen was concert-esque in his first press conference since 1981 with Amnesty International.

"Is there anyone from Jersey in here?" the 59-year-old Long Branch, N.J., native joked. "Don't give them the microphone."

Springsteen, who performed at We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial on Jan. 18, was as folksy in person as he is in his songs about our country. As he answered questions, the 18-time Grammy winner often seemed ready to launch into stories as he often does during his concerts -- or better yet, break out into song.

At least everybody wished he would've done that.

This is Springsteen's first Super Bowl appearance though he said he and the E Street Band have been asked to perform at halftime many times before. They decided to finally do it this year to promote Springsteen's new album, "Working on a Dream," released on Tuesday.

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