Let's Hear About That One More Time

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Today's the last day we'll (and we doesn't include NBC or ESPN) hear anything directly from the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Arizona Cardinals -- and it was just the coaches. Arizona's Ken Whisenhunt had his final press conference at 8:30 a.m. and Mike Tomlin's was at 9:30 here at the Tampa Convention Center.

You can tell the coaches are wearing a little bit thin with all of these media commitments -- I mean heck, the media is wearing a little bit thin with all of these media commitments.

Most of us have already asked/heard the questions we need, so now the questions start to come from people who clearly haven't been following things too closely.

An example from Tomlin's press conference:

"How will it affect your team to play against Ken Whisenhunt, who used to coach in the Steelers organization?"

Tomlin finally snapped after this one.

"To be honest with you, I've addressed that question several times this week. But the truth is, it happens almost every week. The NFL has so much movement that I guarantee every week of the season a coach is playing against someone he used to coach or play with. This is getting more attention because it's the Super Bowl, but it's really not that big of deal."

Other questions that Tomlin was kind enough to answer without revealing his true thoughts, which had to be: Let me go coach my team you morons.

1. How did it feel to be named the Motorola Player of the Year?

(Clearly, Tomlin is not a player anymore. He was the Motorola Coach of the Year)

2. Mike, was winning the Super Bowl part of your plans?

(Put your choice of sarcastic responses here, such as: Nah, I thought I'd just hang out in Pittsburgh and make sure we lost in time for an annual family vacation the final week of January.)

More (serious) info from the press conferences to come later.

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